Photo club, Moving Win

i went to the photo club in Grimsby last night.  It was about macros.  Also, one of my photos was taken down on the FB photo site because it was a photo of a poster and I had signed it.   Stupid.  If it happens again, I will be banned from the site. geez!  Very depressing and dumb as now they will think my photos aren’t my own.  Will avoid it for a while.

On Monday, Hubby, Rooster, Win and I moved all her stuff out of Van house and into Rose.  She had more stuff than we thought!  It was a lot of work but we got it done.  The Van house was a mess, stuff everywhere.  We were exhausted.

I did some cleaning and went to Rose today .  I put a bunch of the girls clothes away in drawers and Ws too.  Came back and read my book.  Nice and sunny outside but cool. Was tired as I stayed up until 1:30 seeing Hubby off on the airbus as he is going to cuba.  Hope he is okay by himself.  Will go back after supper.  She is off Saturday. M and kids are coming I think.  I have an auction at the church tomorrow night.  I put some of moms stuff in it and some old money including a thousand dollar bill.  Royals William and Kate had another baby boy on St. George’s day, so thought they would name him George but we will see.  Just saw the news about Bill Cosby. He was found guilty.  He swore at the prosecutors when he heard.  He is still out on bail until sentencing.