Praying! And Full Moon?

Wins lawyer thinks we can settle before court. So we are hoping! I think A is running out of money. And he had a long list of witnesses and none of them have been called by his lawyer. Our lawyer called ours and talked to them to prepare them. I think it was all a bluff to scare her hoping she would back down. We are all praying hard that he will settle.
We went to visit Sis and Bro inLaws last night. He is looking much better and is back to work on a desk job, so that is good.
I wore my old Golden Girls jersey today to work in support of the Humbolt tragedy.
Going to the passport office today and then meeting the real estate lady at moms condo. I switched my late day as I have an auction Friday night.

Geez is it a full moon?
Had a lady in my office wanting me to fix her cell phone!  I couldn’t get rid of her. Then a whole line up of Mexicans and a really annoying guy wanting to transfer his rsps to stocks. Then a young guy just fainted and threw up all over the carpet.  Ambulance is on it’s way. What a night!