Condo Sold

It rained all day.  I finished my book.  I did church books.  Emily the realtor called to say we had an offer on moms house.  It is a good offer with no conditions but I had a hard time getting hold of Bro, as he was out.  We finally signed it back changing the closing date to May 17 so we will both be here.  And the 80 year old lady signed it back House Sold ! completed, no conditions. Woot!

Photo club, Moving Win

i went to the photo club in Grimsby last night.  It was about macros.  Also, one of my photos was taken down on the FB photo site because it was a photo of a poster and I had signed it.   Stupid.  If it happens again, I will be banned from the site. geez!  Very depressing and dumb as now they will think my photos aren’t my own.  Will avoid it for a while.

On Monday, Hubby, Rooster, Win and I moved all her stuff out of Van house and into Rose.  She had more stuff than we thought!  It was a lot of work but we got it done.  The Van house was a mess, stuff everywhere.  We were exhausted.

I did some cleaning and went to Rose today .  I put a bunch of the girls clothes away in drawers and Ws too.  Came back and read my book.  Nice and sunny outside but cool. Was tired as I stayed up until 1:30 seeing Hubby off on the airbus as he is going to cuba.  Hope he is okay by himself.  Will go back after supper.  She is off Saturday. M and kids are coming I think.  I have an auction at the church tomorrow night.  I put some of moms stuff in it and some old money including a thousand dollar bill.  Royals William and Kate had another baby boy on St. George’s day, so thought they would name him George but we will see.  Just saw the news about Bill Cosby. He was found guilty.  He swore at the prosecutors when he heard.  He is still out on bail until sentencing.  


We hired the painter to paint the living room and 2 bedrooms and the hallway of the condo. Cost about $2,000, including the ceiling and all the trim and doors. A nice young couple whose father lives in the same building. I worked yesterday and Hubby went to the 90th birthday of Verla, a lady from church. After we went to visit Mom. There has been a lock down for about 3 weeks now because of the flu but we went anyway. Today I went to church, then watched to baseball game. We are going to Normas for pizza and cake about 4 pm for her birthday. Tomorrow I have off and we are going to move Win.


Church  was cancelled today because of the ice storm. It has been freezing rain all night.  The roads are bad.  Court was set for ‪tomorrow morning at 10‬.  The lawyers have been working all weekend back and forth.  Andrew has finally agreed to joint custody, 50/50 time, spousal and child support, everything she wanted and deserved.  He signed this afternoon including the divorce papers. They have to appear in court for the judge to give it a stamp of approval.  SO happy.  She can move into Rose ‪next Monday‬. M and the kids were here.  He made homemade chicken soup.  I had cold meat and buns and apple pie to go with it.

Yesterday I met a painter friend of the realtor at the condo and she gave us quotes. We have decided to get the whole thing painted. They can start next Thursday

Praying! And Full Moon?

Wins lawyer thinks we can settle before court. So we are hoping! I think A is running out of money. And he had a long list of witnesses and none of them have been called by his lawyer. Our lawyer called ours and talked to them to prepare them. I think it was all a bluff to scare her hoping she would back down. We are all praying hard that he will settle.
We went to visit Sis and Bro inLaws last night. He is looking much better and is back to work on a desk job, so that is good.
I wore my old Golden Girls jersey today to work in support of the Humbolt tragedy.
Going to the passport office today and then meeting the real estate lady at moms condo. I switched my late day as I have an auction Friday night.

Geez is it a full moon?
Had a lady in my office wanting me to fix her cell phone!  I couldn’t get rid of her. Then a whole line up of Mexicans and a really annoying guy wanting to transfer his rsps to stocks. Then a young guy just fainted and threw up all over the carpet.  Ambulance is on it’s way. What a night!

Lawyer and Bad Cold

I had an appointment to see Wins Lawyer Friday morning to prepare for court.  It went well.  He thinks I brought Win up very well and am very supportive of her.  I worked the auction yesterday, was in a really nice house in Fhill. Then I went to a wine and cheese at a friends to meet a refugee family and ask them questions. They were a really nice young couple with a 9 year old boy. My cold was really bad so I didn’t stay too long. I didn’t go to church today either as I felt rotten. I stayed home and did church books. W is meeting her lawyer tonight. Last ditch effort to agree on some of it before court. If he would only SIGN!