Abstract photos, Icedogs & Peter Rabbit

It has been a busy week. Tuesday night we had an engagement staff meeting after work. Wednesday, #2 Son and the Goober came over with his 4 wheeler thing to fix. I went to Euchre night at the church. Thursday night, I had free Icedog tickets so me, #2 Son, the Goober and his friend went to the game for 6:30. It was good, they won 8-2. Friday night I worked late, Saturday I worked, then went to visit Mom. She wasn’t so good, i had to keep telling her what to do in Triominoes. They have a wheelchair for her now. The girl said she doesn’t eat much. Hubby bought the new carpet for her condo den and #1 Son helped him carry it up. I joined an Abstract Artistic Photography group on facebook. It isn’t open to the public, they have to accept you. There are some really interesting photos. I spend a lot of time looking through it. They had a “challenge” to post something all green. I posted by Costa Rica Canopy picture. It got 4 likes which wasn’t bad for the first time posting on there and there are almost 5000 in the group..

Today, Win and I an the girls went to Coras for breakfast, then went to church. I had parish council. They went to the park with the dog. Then we went to see the Peter Rabbit movie. Hubby had a nice roast beef dinner ready for us when we returned. A nice start to their March break. They are going to the sugar bush tomorrow. I will probably do income tax.

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