House shopping

Saturday was snowy and blizzardly so I worked on church books and stuff most of the day, Hubby shovelled driveways. Watched the olympics all day.

My back is sore today from tobogganing yesterday after church. Don’t think I should go tobogganing anymore. LoL
D and T put an offer in on a dead guys’ house. At first they heard it was suspicious and then that he got beat up and died at home but now found out he committed suicide, but  the offer came back too high. #1 Son wants to make another offer but T thinks it is bad luck. They are looking at another one today that is less money but is decorated from the 70s or 80s so will need a lot of wallpaper stripped off and painting. It has a turquoise bathtub LOL.   They were looking at one yesterday and Mason fell on his face and cut his chin open.  They had to go to the hospital and they glued it shut. That is why they didn’t come tobogganing.


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