Piano and Full Moon

Cold but clear today. I advertised moms piano at work and I have guys coming to pick it up this morning so that is good. We are meeting R and D for supper at the cats caboose and then going to see a movie. They wanted to see jumanji (blah) and since Hubby is going I guess that’s what we will see.

The full moon hit yesterday, just crazy people and problems.  One lady came in and said she deposited 50k in 2005 and hadn’t taken any out so it should still be there and it wasn’t lol surprise surprise. Our records only go back to 2008. I said you’ve received a statement every month for the last 10 years and never asked before now? Just crazy!

i went to Moms for a short visit and set up preauthorized for her care.  They said she had fallen out of her chair but not hurt herself.  They think her chair is too high, Bro and I think it is too low. He thinks his sis in law has one.  We will go his house tomorrow to take the bookcase etc.

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