Vestry, condo clean, house offer

Sat. Jan 27, 2018 ~ We had an auction in the church hall last night but I didn’t buy anything. I worked today and then met Hubby at Moms condo and we got a few more things and then went to visit her for a while.

Sun. Jan 28 ~ We had our Vestry meeting and it was over in less than an hour. I volunteered to be the Delegate to Synod because I wanted to vote for the new bishop. I didnt realize it was a 2 year stint though!

Monday Jan 29 ~ On Thursday morning, #2 Son, Hubby and I went to Moms condo and we cleaned all the rest of the furniture and stuff out. We just bunged everything into boxes. We filled my car, Hubbys truck and #2s truck. We only left the piano and a file cabinet. We dumped everything into our dining room. So today I started going through it all and sorting into boxes to go to auction, value village and the dump. Win came over and sorted out her CRA problem. She discovered she didnt owe them any money after all which was good.

After supper #1 Son and wife asked Hubby and I to go and look at a house they want to buy. We actually looked at 2. THey put an offer in on one but quite a bit lower than asking price as it had a bad leak in the basement.

Tuesday, Jan 30 ~ After supper I met Rev Pam at St. Toms for the meet and greet the candidates for bishop. They each gave a 5 minute or so speech. And then there was time to ask them questions. It was quite interesting. I had had 2 in mind that I would vote for but after the speeches, I changed my mind on one.

#1 Sons offer on the house came back too high and their second offer wasnt even answered. It has a pool and I am just as glad that they didnt get it. I think it would be too much for them.

Robbie Burns dinner

We went to the Robbie Burns dinner along with Win, M and kids. A and his dad got there before us and sat at a table with the girls and some other people so we got the table next to them In the corner and the girls just bounced back and forth between the 2 tables which was fine as they were off dancing and stuff too. Mikes kids were good. They had a kids menu of Mac and cheese, hotdogs, meatballs etc so that was good. The roast beef was good, the lamb was a bit dry, the mashed pots were really good. The haggis was very peppery and hot, which E told me isn’t normal, usually it is very bland with oatmeal in it. It was too hot for me. The cochileekie soup was really good, like homemade chicken noodle with leeks instead of noodles and lots of stringy chicken. Sticky toffee pudding and apple crisp and shortbread for dessert.

church and then a refugee meeting tomorrow.

Gluttony and Grouting

On Wednesday night we went out for our auction Christmas dinner at a local Italian restaurant. I ate way too much. I had a raspberry samosa, then a sangria which was really good, then he bought us all a creme de menthe with baileys and chocolate shots. I had a skor cheesecake with whipped cream for dessert.  They were awesome! Friday night we had a snow storm with freezing rain. Today was nice and sunny but cold. I went to the rental and finished the grouting on the backsplash. Then I went to see mom in the afternoon. I have parish council after church tomorrow.

Sunday by the fire

I worked yesterday and then visited Mom. I took her Christmas tree down. Went to church today but we were all late. My car wouldn’t start. It’s on the charger. And there was a baptism so we sat upstairs in the balcony. Puddin is so funny. She didn’t want to go up, she is afraid of heights. But then after awhile being up there she was fine. It’s like she has to psych herself up to it. We were going to go skating but didn’t. Took the Xmas tree etc down and vacuumed. Did some church books. Played password. Had a fire. Hubby made a stuffed pork tenderloin, green beans, pots, gravy. Donuts and cookies for dessert(from Norma). It was SO good!

New Year

Mon. Jan 1/18- Very very cold today again. We babysat Clive last night and this morning. I took him to the local park and met Win and the girls and her friend P and his son and we all went tobogganing this afternoon.   It was sheltered from the wind so wasn’t too bad. Came back and had hot chocolate. I cooked a leg of lamb and turnip and Brussel sprouts from our garden for supper. I gave #1son some to take home for their supper.

Thur. Jan 4/18 – I went and played euchre at the church last night. We had 13 people out, then this morning I went to the dentist just for a cleaning but it took forever as my dentist retired and a new young girl took his place. So they were updating all the records and doing everything very thoroughly, it took forever! I work Fri and Sat. Went to Goobers hockey game after work at a tournament at Jordan arena. It was tied 1/1 but then his team scored I. The last 23 seconds. He is in the semi final tomorrow morning at 10 so I can go as it is my late day. Hubby might even go.