Christmas, hockey, grouting

Monday, Dec 25/17 – Christmas Day. Hubby and I had hot cross buns and grapefruit for breakfast by the fire. Everyone came over about 11 or 12. Dinner was ready about 5. We didn’t pick up mom because it is very cold and snowy. We opened gifts before we ate. Because M and his kids and Wins girls weren’t here, we ate in the dining room.

Tuesday, Dec 26- Boxing Day. I made meatballs and coleslaw to take to
Hubbys sisters for our family get together there. We got there about 2:30 and left about 8:30. Kevin brought some feathers from a turkey they shot. Back to work tomorrow and Thursday.

Friday Dec 29/17- I took Sophie to the vet for 8:15 to get a shot. Returned home and had my tea. I was going to do grouting at Flower st but was too tired. I vacuumed and cleaned up instead.  Win and M went to the first ever outdoor hockey game between Canada and the USA in Buffalo. It was snowing and freezing cold there. I sat and watched the game on TV.

Today, I did some laundry and then went to Flower St and did some grouting on the backsplash.  Then I went to visit mom.  Her friend, our old neighbour died this morning.  She was 96.

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