Wheelchair and a Flat Tire

I was off. Hubby and I had to take mom to the wound specialist. Hubby had got a second hand wheel chair from a friend so we thought we would try it out. Well it’s so heavy I can’t fold it up and put it in my trunk by myself. Anyway we were a bit late leaving home to go get her. We got her down and in the car and were pulling away and a guy knocked on the window and said we had a flat tire. Ugh! We decided to drive to a gas station as there is one close and we filled it with air. But because of that we were late getting to the appointment. Then when Hubby was unfolding the wheelchair, he cut his finger, quite badly. It wouldn’t stop bleeding. I said at least we were in the right place lol. They finally looked at her and said it was fine and we don’t have to go back. Then there were no parking spaces when we took her home and we had to get the wheelchair out again etc. By the time we got home it was lunch time and we were exhausted! Lol.

I did some laundry and cleaning and then worked an auction at the church. It was snowing a lot when I left but has stopped now. Not having everyone here for their birthdays because they have the dance thing tomorrow and they are having a party at the swimming pool with school kids on Sunday, and Goober is going to Mexico on Sunday too and it’s so close to Christmas.

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