Heat, dinner

Sat. Dec 9/17 – I took Sophie to the vet on Thurs morning. I went to a new vet that E used to go to. They were super nice there! Easy parking, not too expensive. I was very pleased. Sophie weighs 90 pounds. She shouldn’t get much bigger.
The concert on Sunday is a Christmas in Europe theme given by one of the parishioners daughters and her friends that are opera singers. And then there is wine and cheese after. Win went Thurs night to decorate. she had her worm .Christmas party last night and A was being a jerk.  His girlfriend is here and they are taking the girls to TO for the weekend to see some show.

We now have heat in ALL the rads!! Hubby thinks the guys who put it In Originally didn’t hook it up right with the circulation pump. Seems okay now. Fingers crossed! He also punplugged the bathtub drain this morning so that is good. I went to Costco as mom needed more depends. I was afraid it would be a zoo but it wasn’t bad! They had lots of staff manning the checkouts. I’m going to wrap some presents and then go and see mom for a bit and hopefully go for a skate after supper. We had a nice dinner out with #2 Son and B and Maddy.   #2 Son has cut way down on his meat eating, almost a vegetarian. He says his eczema and migraines are way better since doing this,

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