Thurs. Dec 7/17- on Tuesday night about 4:30, I drove to The cathedral in Hamilton. The synod council made up of about 31 ministers from Niagara met and they each nominated 3 ministers to be the next bishop of Niagara as Bishop Bird is retiring. They could nominate anyone from all over Canada, some from Montreal and .newfoundland. I was one of 3 scrutineers picked to count the ballots. We took the wooden box into a room upstairs and opened it and each nominee was a first, second or third choice with first choice getting 3 points, second getting 2 points etc. We had to write them all down and balance them and pick the top 10 which now be voted on at the next synod in March 2018. We were done by 7 pm. It was fun. I really liked the Rev Ann. She had tattoos on her wrists. Win babysat the boys so #1 Son and wife could go to her Christmas party.