No heat & night visitor

So Hubby decided yesterday that pump on the furnace was backwards and so he took it off and turned it around. Then he couldn’t get the furnace working! We have had no heat all night and all day! We called the furnace guy but he couldn’t come for 2 days. So we called a retired furnace guy from church and he came over and told him how to fix it, he is still working on it. About 3 am I thought Wins plants might be cold so I went downstairs to cover them up without turning the light on.  When I got to the bottom of the stairs, I heard a rustling and something touched my head!!  I shrieked and ran back up stairs and into bed, but then I could t sleep wondering what it was!  I cleaned the us porch and found some old walnuts in there that were eaten.  I think it must have been a mouse,  Did some vacuuming and cleaned the ceiling fan and went shopping. Turkey soup for supper. Should do my Christmas cards now. We have the wood stove and Elaine’s infrared heater going in the LR so it’s not bad in here.

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