Crazy Day

Saturday, Dec. 2- I should have known it was going to be a crazy day when I got to work and saw a mouse running in circles in the parking lot! It just kept going around and around. It was weird, there must have been something wrong with it. Then we get in and the other person with the top combs doesn’t have them with her and mine are locked in the vault and I can’t remember them because they were just changed. We had to call someone and get them. Then one of the tellers didn’t show up so we were short handed and it was very busy, lined up to the door a lot of the time, plus there was a ton of bags in the night deposit and a lot of envelopes in the atm. As well people kept calling with weird problems all day. Then at closing I went to close the vaults and the combs were spun off and the combs I had didn’t work. We had to call several people before finding someone who answered and had the combs. We finally got it shut, a half hour later! Then I went to Moms apartment and cleaned out a few things to give to the refugees but I couldn’t get her door to lock when I was done. I gave up and left it unlocked. I took a bouquet of flowers to Mom and then went to The Goobers hockey game in BVille. #2 Son was supposed to meet me there but he didn’t show up. He was out and didn’t realize what time it was. They lost 6 to 1.

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