Birthday in US and bazaar

Fri. Nov. 24 – yesterday W took girls to Rochester for Am. Thanksgiving and stayed over for her birthday. They went out to schmegs for breakfast and then cut a real Christmas tree after going on a hay ride. I had the day off today so we worked on putting in the expansion tank for the furnace. #1 son and wife had a good offer on heir house but the buyers couldn’t get financing. #1 and wife had a big argument. They both need anger management. She is upset because their new place is a mess but he has been working non stop at the old place getting it ready to sell.

Sunday, Nov 25 – yesterday, we had one little leak in the furnace pipe so worked on fixing that today as it was raining. We couldn’t do the shed roof. We went to LaScala restaurant for the credit union Christmas dinner and then walked Down the block to a comedy club. The restaurant was expensive but the food was good. The comedy was so so. It was pouring rain when we came out. I Helped W with the bazaar in Welland this morning, the kids helped set it up too, I took R to a birthday party at noon and then P to skating. A told her he was “concerned”. She didn’t answer him. He came in the change room after and told P she did good and then left, I was bent over taking her skates off so just ignored him. W sold 2 so far. M and kids showed up after I left. It is over at 2pm. I told P she could put up my Christmas tree. M and kids showed after I left. They came home with Win and we gave them all supper. Kids decorated the tree for me.

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