Dino plants and Min visit

Sat. Nov. 18 – Win has her Dino plants at a bazaar so I went to check it out and I had to pay $3 to get in!! I went about 11 and she had only sold one. It was mostly for mothers with young babies. A girl at the table next to her had homemade pies but I don’t think she had sold any either. She won’t be going to that one again. She thinks next week will be better as it’s at a school. Made 2 quiches and coleslaw for tomorrow. Raining here so couldn’t do anything outside. Meat pies, fried cabbage and zucchini and fries for supper. Made some homemade broccoli soup for lunch tomorrow toots Min and Cin are coming for a visit. They are supposed to get here about 11 but are always late, no church.
I worked an auction at the church last night but afterwards some guy was complaining that he didn’t get paid enough last week for his consignment. R. Thought I made some mistakes.

Sunday, Nov 19. – Min And Cin and Sophie and I went for a hike to B. falls after lunch. It started out sunny but clouded over and snowed and hailed off and on. Didn’t stay on the ground though, hike was nice, water was really rushing although it was quite slippery. Win and girls came about 4:30 and we had an early supper As they wanted to leave before it got late. Nothing much ne with them. Hubby told them we are going to europe next summer so that let that out of the bag, Cin didn’t say much about it. She is having carpel tunnel surgery in March and is going to NZ after. Win sold 1 more Dino. The bazaar next week is on Sunday from 10 to 2 and there is no admission so hope it is better.

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