Saturday Things

Beautiful day and I had to work. Is supposed to rain on Monday which I have off.
A is having their thanksgiving family thing today at his family’s.   Win had today off so went to swimming with girls and then they left.  The Hotdog is coming and they are going to a roller derby thing at the arena and she is having a table to sell some of her dinosaur plant things. Hope she sells a couple or she will be discouraged! The Hotdog is staying at Flower St tonight as Kay has gone to visit E in scotland until November 2. I think she really misses E. Win said the lawyer is trying to get the court date for this January. She said, when she went for her appt, before she even sat down, he said, wow A is a control freak asshole! Lol so if he can see it, hopefully the judge will. He says it could be 4 days. Also Win lost her Fitbit! She thinks it fell off at the pumpkin farm.