Saturday Oct 14

Hubby seems okay today.  We got the air compressor that fell on him off the trailer and down the side walk going to the back.  He took the motors off so it wasn’t quite so heavy.  I moved all the leftover wood from the old pool deck and stacked it neatly so he can put the boat back over there and get it off the driveway.  Cloudy but was working in my tank top, just started to drizzle at 4 pm,so we quit.  He went to buy some potato salad to go with leftover turkey, that should finish it up. I’m exhausted!  15351 steps!
We have Harvest home at church so am taking the boys tomorrow.  Hubby will help #1 Son to something at His house, I forget what lol.
Sears is closing all their stores!  What a shame! I liked Sears.

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