Broken Toes and Bare Naked Ladies

Mon. Oct 2 – Hubby’s stomach was swollen this morning and his foot was really sore and swollen so I called the doctor and they said for him to go down right away. He sent him for X-rays. I drove the girls to school as Win’s car wouldn’t start again.

Tues Oct 3 – Now the hot water heater has gone kaput. Always something. Ken fixed the broken window at #1 Son’s and did some glazing until about 4 pm. His foot was feeling a bit better and the swelling had gone down some until # 1 Son’s dog stepped on it, now it is hurting again.

 Friday, Oct 6 – Hubby found out he has 2 broken toes, 3 and 4 on his right foot. It is still swollen and sore. I had a wellness day . I did dishes, cleaned up the house while Ken got fireplace stones from #1 Son’s. We built the new fire pit. Upper Canada Mechanical came and installed a new water heater, a commercial one with a 5 or 6 year warranty. We paid cash so the cost was $840. Including installation. I got a few more groceries. Hubby unplugged the vacuum.

 Tues. Oct 10 – we had a good Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday about 4 pm, everyone but the Goober came as he was working. We brought mom here for a few hours in the afternoon as it was so warm, we all sat outside on the deck and the kids played in the yard along with the 4 dogs. We ate inside though because of the dogs and the girls wanted to lay the table. I put the potatoes in at 8 on low in the crock pot. I put the turkey in at noon and it was really good and moist and done by 4. On Monday we worked on the church chip truck for the last time as they are selling it. Hubby didn’t go as his foot was too sore  Win took his place.

 Tonight Win surprised me with tickets for my birthday, for us and Rooster and her mom to see the Bare Naked Ladies! They were awesome! They were so entertaining and funny. They played some songs from their new album coming out in Nov that I liked. A great night! The girls asked Win where we were going, she said to a concert, to see a band. What band? Um Bare Naked Ladies. WHAT!?! You’re going to see Bare ladies? No they have clothes on and they are men, they are Fully Clothed Men. Lol