Sep to Oct 1

Saturday, Sep 9/17 – one year since we had the flood at Flower St.  I went all the way to Welland and got to the road and there was no sign, I thought that was strange, found he address and no one was there, then I realized it is next Saturday! The 16th ugh!  I think I’m getting senile!

Beautiful day here, picked tomatoes and a few more beans. Made hamburger zucchini rice stir fry for supper and white chocolate chip cookies.  Cut all the grass and did some pruning.  Hubby is making new front steps for #1 Son’s house. Win is coming for supper and then we are going to see the movie, the glass house by Jeannette Wall . It’s a true story, really good. The movie wasn’t as good as the book, but then they never are.  Woody Harrelson was good as the father in it. Sitting in the sun on the deck. Love it.

 Saturday, sep 16/17 – had an auction in Welland.  I got a chain saw for $12 and a nice little hatchet for camping.  We went to the Pig and Corn roast at church.  The Mike Lynch band played good old country music like Elvira, Shadimio etc. Mouthy and Magoo danced every song.  People were dancing right after supper, even while some were lined up for dessert.  Had a good time.  Boys were so good.  They stayed overnight and Dan picked them up Sunday morning, no Sunday school so didn’t go to church.  Win is working a wedding show today. Beautiful hot and sunny all weekend.

Wednesday, Sep 20 – we had a good stewardship meeting at McGregs las night and then tonight we went to Dot’s retirement party at Conversations Cafe in Beams after work.  There were about 50 people there including Luke, Gwen, Dana, .Rhonda, .Wendy C and Drag.

Friday, Sep 22. – Janet and I booked a European River cruise for 15 days from Amsterdam to Budapest.  We got a really good price.  So excited.  I had to call Visa as I had just paid Ws lawyer bill so there wasn’t enough room.  What a hassle but I got it done.  Kay and I also arranged the staff Christmas party at Lascala restaurant and then we are going to a comedy club after on Nov 25.

Saturday Sep 23 – we had an auction at the church last night and I put some of moms things in it, dainty handkerchiefs, her faux fur coat, meat grinder etc.  Then his morning I walked in the Grape parade with meridian.  I drove up and parked at 9 and sat and read my book for an hour.  At ten we gathered and got our noise makers and water.  It was so hot, felt like 40 C.  We had s Brazilian steel drum band from Toronto with us.  I was glad I didn’t take my camera as it is heavy.  We started the parade off at 11 and walked 5 kms.  It took us an hour but we had to walk slowly.  Thank goodness we had the band to march to.  I was back home by 12:30.  I had to ice my sore foot.

Sunday, Sep 24 – I went to church and then parish council.  Then about 1:30 I took Mouthy and Magoo to Bro’s for a swim and Win brought the girls.  It was a lovely hot day and the water was beautiful.  We stayed until 5 and then we went home and had macaroni salad for supper that I had made ahead of time.  # 1 Son and wife were painting their house on Carl St.

Monday, Sept 25 – I have this week off. Hubby and I cut all the lower branches off the big spruce tree out back and took the branches to the dump.  I weeded all the deadly nightshade out from underneath it.  It looks so much better now.  It was very hot again and I was exhausted!

Tues. Sep 26 – today was another very hot humid day, near 40!  Hubby fixed his motorbike while I scraped up the rest of the rotten wood and weeds behind the garage on the cement.  Then we moved all the mowers Eric dropped off up onto the cement,  I loaded the trailer up with some of the brush behind the workshop and Hubby tied it down,  it was so hot, we were exhausted.  I got some groceries.

Wed. sep 27– Hubby worked making the new gate by the garage today while I restacked the firewood and chopped the long pieces up with the chop saw.  I also chopped up the walnut tree he had cut down and another one.  I put all the kindling nice and neat and put the outside wood in the little red trailer so it is separate from The indoor wood.  Then I went to Michaels and got some decorations and stuff to make up the gift basket for Dorothy and made coleslaw for the pot luck tomorrow.  Went to Win’s and she wrapped it for me.  Tired and sore.

Thurs. Sept 28 – Hubby worked on the new gate by the garage and I chopped all the long fire wood with the chop saw and stacked it all nice and neat.  I also went to Michaels and bought some stuff for Dot’s present and myself and then after supper I went to Win’s and had her wrap it for me. Was very tired.

Fri. sep 29 – went to work early as it was Dot’s last day.  We had a potluck lunch .  I took coleslaw.

Sat. Sept 30 – We had a farm auction in Niagara on he lake today.  Hubby wanted the air compressor and I got a large pot and truck rim for a fire pit.  Hubby came to pick up the compressor and Norma came too as they were just on their way out to lunch.  So Hubby was trying to move the 1000 pound air compressor and it fell on him at the auction today.  He’s ok but me and another man lifted it off him.  I thought his legs were broken!  He went into shock.  A man called 911.  We laid him down.  The EMS guys checked him out and said he was ok.  He has some bad scrapes on his legs and arm and his chest is red.  He will have bad bruising and be sore for a few days.  He’s home now and seems fine.  The compressor is in the trailer.  Another exciting day at the our house!  Geez!