Bon Echo 2017

Sat. Aug 19 – We were up early and left at 5:22 am!  We had #2 Son’s trailer on #1 Son’s van but the trailer hitch was very low.  We stopped along the QEW and called Hubby but there was nothing he could do so we carried on, going slowly.  We had the canoe on the roof of the van as well.

We arrived at Bon Echo about 11 am. and Win’s friend, the Am. Hotdog and his 3 kids arrived a few minutes later. Min and Cin and Jan were already here.  We set up the tents before it started to drizzle.  we had grilled cheese for lunch, and then went for a walk to the lake.  Win and her kids and the Am Hotdog and his kids are in their own campsite down the road from us older ladies. :)

Sunday Aug 20 – It was a nice day so Win, Hotdog and kids went out in the canoe and kayaks.  The 4 oldsters went to the main beach in the afternoon.  Min and I went for a swim.  There are nice big old pine trees everywhere.  We looked around the visitor centre.  Win and the Hotdog found a nice rock to swim off of.  The kids call it the “Mermaid Rock”.  About 3 pm we returned to the campsite as the beach was busy and noisy.

Monday Aug 21 – We got up early and rented a canoe and a kayak and all went out on Mazinaw Lake to look at the pictographs on the face of the rock cliffs. We canoed through the Narrows.  Hotdog, Win and kids went on to Mermaid Rock.  We had our lunch on the beach where we park the canoes as Min had forgotten her knapsack in the car.  Then we joined the others on Mermaid Rock.  We went in swimming but the Hotdog had jumped in and hurt his foot on the rocks.  it was quite swollen and painful. After a while we returned to the parking lot.  Win decided to take the Hotdog to the emergency in Nappanee, 2 hours away.  Nowhere closer had an xray machine.  I said I would watch the kids.   Us oldsters set up their tarp for them as it is supposed to rain tomorrow and cleaned up their campsite a bit. Jan and I fried some hamburgers and hotdogs for their supper and we had some too.  Then they played cards and games.  I lit the fire.  They wanted Smores but we didn’t want to do them.  They kept asking and asking to do them so we gave them marshmellows to roast.  Min and Cin came and we tried to have a sing song around the campfire but the boys were loud and rowdy.  At 9 we gave up and put them to bed.  I crawled into Win’s sleeping bag.  The Hotdog and Win got back about midnight.  He has an air cast on and his foot is broken.  He can’t drive.  I went back to my own tent where Jan was still awake reading.  A man was snoring very loudly across the road.

Tues. Aug 22 – At 7 am, we heard thunder so got up and went to the washroom.  We went back to bed and read until 10.  Min made pancakes for us for breakfast.  Win made pancakes for their lot too.  It rained off and on.  we sat and read and knitted.  It rained most of the day.

Wed. Aug 23 – It was cooler today.  we rose late.  The 4 of us went on the 1.7 km Tall Pines Trail.  Win too the kids on the Shield Trail while the Hotdog sat and read his book.  We saw a doe very close eating leaves.  Win and the kids saw 4 snakes and lots of frogs.  Two of the snakes were very large brown ones.  We went and got ice and had an ice-cream cone, then took a drive down to Joe Perry Lake and the farther campground.  We wouldn’t want to stay there, it is way too far from everything.  Jan and I made omelets and fried potatoes and tomatoes for supper.  Afterwards we went down to their campfire to try another sing song.  It was better tonight.

Thurs. Aug 24 – We rose about 10 again.  We went into the park store and then went on the Cliff Top trail, taking the little ferry over (cost $5.65).  There are 200 steps up to the top viewing platforms.  It is 1.5 km and took us about an hour.  We took the ferry back about 3 pm.  We had some snacks and read until suppertime.

Friday, Aug 25 – We got up early and dismantled the campsites.  Poor Win had to do most of it herself as the Hotdog couldn’t do much with a broken foot.  Win and I had to load the canoe on our car and both kayaks on the Hotdogs car.  It was very difficult to get the kayaks up there as there is nothing to hold on to!  We finally got all packed up and said goodbye to everybody.  I drove the Hotdog’s car with him, Kim and Eric, 2 kayaks and 3 bikes on the back.  Win drove our car with Ethan and her 2 girls and the canoe and trailer.  We drove together, stopping in Oshawa for supper at a Wimpy’s.  After supper we were ready to go but I got a heart palpitation.  Ugh!  We waited around awhile and it finally stopped so we carried on.  The traffic wasn’t too bad going through Toronto.  We got home about 10 pm and they all stayed overnight at our house, sleeping in the basement, the living room, Jan’s bedroom etc.

Sat Aug 26 – Hubby and I made them all eggs for breakfast, some fried, some scrambled.  We emptied the vehicles, Win had # 1 Son’s van cleaned and then she drove them back home over the border.