Tuesday, March 1, 2016 ~ Babysat the girls after work. It started freezing rain when I left home. Win went to roller derby but thankfully came home early because of the weather. I drove home slowly and it wasn’t too bad.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016 ~ Hubby and I went to Euchre at the church. There were 20 people so no one had to sit out. It was fun!

Thursday, March 3 ~ I went for groceries but when I arrived at the store and went to put the quarter in the cart, I realized I had forgotten my wallet! Ugh! I had to drive all the way home to get it and back again. I got groceries and then went to the rental and measured for a dining table that Win is thinking of buying, then got stamps at Shoppers and home.

Friday, March 4 ~. I called Min from work to wish her a Happy Birthday. I have pretty much moved into my office and out of the pod. I feel so much less stressed being in the office. I don’t have to keep moving back and forth and the members love seeing me there. So many pop their heads in to say hello.

Saturday, March 5 ~ I went in to work so missed the auction at the church. It didn’t look that good anyway. #2 Son has gone up north with his friend for the weekend. After work, I went to Mark’s Wearhouse and got 2 tops on sale, had supper, then went for a skate at the arena for half an hour, drove home, got a coffee and then went to the other arena to watch Win’s Roller Derby bout which started at 8. Nobody I knew was there so I watched the first period which was over an hour long and then decided to go home a I was tired and the benches are hard on the bum.

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