Saturday, Jan 23 – I did the church budget and took it to the church. While there, I took some pictures of the quilters who were quilting for refugees and, later I posted them on FB. Janet arrived about 2 pm. We had a pork roast, pots and squash for supper.

Sunday, Jan 24 – the girls and Maddy came over for a couple of hours. Hubby picked up Mom and brought her out. They girls went to Win’s with A as Janet and I had to go and get our pedicure. It is A’s birthday today, Win was working. We watched the Denver/Patriot game and had pork Caesar salad for supper. Set up Janet’s Fitbit. Hubby has to take us to CAA for 3:35 am!

Sunday, Feb 7 ~ I went to church because we had our annual vestry meeting after the service. Bro and Di took Mom out for lunch. The meeting was pretty uneventful except the auditors couldn’t reconcile a $25 transfer from the cemetery to the general fund. We watched the Super Bowl, Denver Broncos against S. Carolina. I was rooting for Denver and they won.
Monday, Feb 8 ~ Back to work today. Very tired!
Tuesday, Feb 9 ~ Pancake Tuesday. The whole family went to the Pancake supper at the church except for Hubby as he doesn’t like them that much.
Wed. Feb 10 ~ We had an RSP call night until 8 pm tonight. Yuk!

Fri., Feb 12 ~ We had an auction in the church hall. I didn’t buy anything.
Sat. Feb 13 ~ Hubby spent most of the day trying to get the furnace fixed so that all the radiators were hot. He bled tons of air out of them. Not sure why. It seems to be fixed now though.

Sunday, Feb 14 ~ It was super cold yesterday and today. -30! So I didn’t take Mom to church. I took the girls. I had a refugee meeting afterwards, took the girls home and then Maddy and I went to the Goober’s hockey game. He won 5-1. He had 3 shots on net. So close!

Thursday, Feb 18 ~ # 2 Son put the Border up around the kitchen cupboards at the rental property and then we went down to pick out countertop. # 1 Son and family went too as they are looking to redo their bathroom because the bathtub faucet is leaking.

Saturday, Feb 20 ~ Puddin’ turns 7 today. I had a good day at work today. I was in a cleaning organizing mode. I had the “boys” moving and rearranging furniture. They want us to spend more time out in the offices instead of in the pods now, so I had to do something as my office just didn’t feel comfortable. Then Joelle said she wanted to fix her office so the phone would go on her desk, so we did hers. Then I said we had to do Alisa’s because she is away on vacation and she had rearranged Kathy’s office when she was on vacation. So we did and they look so much better. They look bigger and have better Feng Shui! Can’t wait to see what the manager says on Monday. LOL. It was warm and sunny today, like Spring.

Sunday, Feb 21 ~. Picked up Maddy and the Buddha and Mom and took them to church. All going to Win’s for Paisley and # 1 Sons birthdays. After lunch we all went to Win’s. At 3 pm #1 Son and family, Maddie and I went to watch the Goober’s hockey game. He had a couple of shots on net but no goal. They were losing 4 – 0 and # 1 Son kept saying I don’t want to go to the washroom in case they score but finally the Buddha had to go so he went. While he was gone Goober’s team scored 3 goals!! To make it 4-3. LOL We told him to go back to the washroom but the buzzer went, game over. We went back to Win’s and had lasagna, caesar salad and garlic bread for supper.

Monday Feb 22 – # 1 Son’s Birthday today. He turns 37. I went to work even though I worked Saturday. I have Tuesday off instead. The manager and assistant manager didn’t notice the furniture rearrangement so I told them. They didn’t mind.

Tuesday Feb 23 – Day off – I cleaned the stainless sink for the rental and Hubby and I went over to work. He did electrical stuff. I went shopping for taps, countertop etc. I went to Costco and got some groceries. It was a nice sunny day so took the dog for a walk. I passed my 10,000 steps! Yeah!

Thursday Feb 25 – I caught up with the church books in the morning before work. Snowing lightly today. It poured rain all day yesterday.

Saturday, Feb 27 ~ Rick had an auction but it was pretty crappy so he said he didn’t need me. I did income tax in rough, and church books most of the day. Hubby finished hooking up the electric in the rental kitchen. #2 son ordered the kitchen countertop. It will cost $620 and will take 4 to 6 weeks to come in. It was a nice sunny day, 58F! I took the dog for a good walk and I went for a skate at the arena after supper. I hit my 10K steps.

Sunday, Feb 28th ~ Tell Day
I picked up Maddy and the girls and Mom and took them to church. A picked the girls up after coffee hour while I stayed for parish council. Then I took Mom to our house and picked up the girls and took them to the Goober’s hockey game. They won 7-0 and he scored a goal!! Sugarplum spilled her hot chocolate and wanted to climb on the bleachers. I won’t take her again. After supper I watched the Oscars but slept through most of it. Didn’t stay up until the end.

Win told A tonight that she wants a separation. She said he was mad and will try to get custody of the girls. Hopefully he will calm down and they can work things out without getting nasty. The only ones who win when that happens are the lawyers.

Monday, Feb 29th ~ Last day for RSPs. I was busy at work. Hubby had Caesar chicken salad ready for supper and a fire going when I got home. So nice!