Doctor and Birthday


On Sunday I had everyone over for Maddy’s 10th birthday. Win and A. got a new couch, chair and TV for free from a friend of his about a half hour’s drive away.  So they left with # 2 Son to go and pick it up in the trailer and van.  They didn’t get back until about 3:30 but everyone else was over before that.  It was cold and we had a fire going.  The Goober made some boats out of Styrofoam egg cartons and they all went out and played with them in the ditch.  Of course, Sugarplum got a soaker right away but they got some fresh air and had fun.

Win made her a Hello Kitty cake (without a fancy cake pan) which turned out really good.  She used a round pan and cut graham crackers covered with icing for the ears.

I went to the doctor again yesterday and everything was fine.  The Xrays were all clear and fine, blood work was fine, urine tests fine,  blood pressure was perfect!   I’m fit as a fiddle (but a little overweight), except for the irritating cough!  He gave me a nasal spray for post nasal drip to see if that gets rid of it.  He said going to the sunny south for 2 weeks will definitely help too.  Two weeks today, we leave!  I booked the airbus today.


Another Snowstorm!

Yesterday was actually a balmy + 4 C, maybe even warmer in the afternoon, but today we are in the throes of another snowstorm.  Driving to work this morning wasn’t too bad, but the hydro kept going off and then right back on.  Just enough to shut all the computers down and then we had to wait to bring them back up again.  It did this all morning.  About 12:30, corporate office decided to close the branches at 2 pm.  The drive home was slippery and the whiteouts were blinding at times.  I kept thinking how it was good the line in the middle of the road is yellow, otherwise I wouldn’t know where I was supposed to be!  I made it home safely though.  Hope the kids get home safely.

I went to the doctor yesterday about my cough.  He is sending me for a chest Xray and wants to do a full physical next week.  I have a dentist appointment tomorrow morning as well.

Will celebrate Maddy’s birthday on Sunday after church.  Win is making her a Hello Kitty cake.  Win and I both have Friday off and it is March break so we might do something with the kids, depending on the weather.

Fire drill and Skating

I did income tax for most of the day.  I went to see the girls “gymnastics” class at the university.  It was the last one.   They just got started when the fire alarm went off.  The kids were all in bare feet.  We at least had socks on.  They led us through the basketball courts to a hallway with a concrete floor.  We had to wait about half an hour for it to be over!  Good thing we didn’t have to wait outside!  They sang songs while they waited.

After supper Win and Puddin and I went ice skating at the arena.  #1 son, wife, baby and mother in law met us there.

Wintry Niagara Falls


IMG_5913 IMG_5918USA2 IMG_5921Yesterday was a beautiful sunny but cold day. I asked Hubby to drive me to Niagara Falls so I could take some pictures. The American Falls are frozen which doesn’t happen very often. He finally agreed to drive me. He let me out to walk along the top of the falls while he parked in illegal parking spots, and/ or drove around the block waiting for me.

The wind was bitterly cold and at the Canadian falls, the mist was ice pellets which stung my face like a thousand needles as I was trying to take pictures. The buildings near the falls were coated with ice and every once in a while, there was a huge crash as a chunk fell off a roof. Kind of dangerous! I got some great shots and then walked further down to view the American falls. Got some more great pictures and then hopped in the car as Hubby drove up beside me. I was so happy we went!

# 1 Son got a notice from the CRA that he didn’t calculate his income tax correctly last year and so they say he owes them $1300.00!! Yikes! he doesn’t have it! But he should get a good refund this year.

I picked up my cruise tickets today on my lunch hour. It was a nice sunny drive in the warm car. Just another month until we leave.