IMG_5892Best IMG_5900Last Sunday I took the girls to church by myself so Win could get ready for Puddin’s birthday party. Sugar Plum was not easy to control! She is a handful. Anyway, we survived.

After church, I drove them home and on the way back to my house, I saw a big bird sitting on a fence where we normally see the Snowy Owls. I pulled in and got out with my camera. It was a large hawk. The wind was bitterly cold and his feathers were all fluffy. He just sat there facing the wind like it was nothing while me and a couple of other guys took his picture. Mom was in the car and could see him too. I got some really good ones even though my hands were shaking so much from the cold.

I babysat the girls Tues. night and Wed. night this week. I have an auction at the church on Saturday and Win wants me to babysit them overnight that night as well.

Family Day

On Monday, Family Day, I had a birthday dinner for Puddin’ and #1 Son. I did a big pork roast, potatoes, corn, carrots and green beans. I made a Unicorn/Little Pony cake made with coloured licorice twists for the mane. I copied the idea from Pinterest.

Everyone came over about 11 am and then they all went tobogganing. It was a bit cold but they had a good time. I wasn’t feeling good at all but I had Hubby drive me down so I could take a couple of pictures. I relaxed for a bit with a couple of glasses of wine before dinner and then I was feeling okay. We had a fire going and ate in the living room as we can’t all fit in the dining room anymore as there were 14 for dinner.

We had the Olympics on in the background. We watched the Women’s hockey team play Finland. The kids were all good. They painted over messages The Pencil made with a white crayon. I got that idea from Pinterest too.

I called in sick again today. Well, I wasn’t scheduled to go in but I thought they might think I would be in because I didn’t go on Saturday. So I called and said I wouldn’t be in. # 2 Son came over and laid the laminate floor in the upstairs hallway for me. I’ve been waiting about a year! It’s snowing a bit again today.

Valentine’s & Sick

At the auction the week before Valentine’s Day, I got a gold ID bracelet with a small diamond in it for Hubby. It was going cheap and I thought, Oh, I’ll get that for him for Valentine’s. It is just a wee bit small on his wrist though but he is wearing it.

Janet came down to visit her mother as it is a long weekend for us. Bro and girlfriend went to Ottawa for the Ice Festival.

I was supposed to work on Saturday the 15th but I was really sick, with a fever, sore throat, cough, achy etc. Feeling a bit better today, Sunday. Was planning a birthday dinner for tomorrow for # 1 Son and Puddin’. Hubby and Win did sidesmen duty at church and I stayed home today.

Snowy Owls

Last Sunday Hubby actually sat and watched the Superbowl with me!!! I couldn’t believe it. He actually paid attention to the game and everything, even though it wasn’t a very good game. He’s never done that before. I didn’t have a SB party this year because we had Vestry and I didn’t think people were really into it. But maybe I will next year.

Yesterday I had an auction at the church. I bought Hubby a bracelet with a small diamond in it for Valentine’s day. I got it cheap. LOL It was over fairly early, about 2:30. Hubby and I went out for Chinese food for supper, then I went skating by myself for an hour. We had a fire and watched the Winter Olympics on TV.

Win was working this morning so I took the girls and Mom to church and Hubby drove himself. On the way to get the girls, I saw the Snowy Owl that lives near Win’s house. I had my camera so drove down and got some pictures of it sitting on a telephone pole.

We were sidesmen. I took Sugarplum home and then took Puddin to her skating lesson. After skating, I saw the Snowy Owl again, this time up on the other road on a pole closer to the ground. I didn’t have my camera, so drove home and got it and went back. The owl was still there! I parked and rolled down the window and got some good shots. When I got out of the car and looked the other way to check for traffic, it flew off. Darn! I missed a shot of it in flight. That would have been good! It started snowing pretty good so I took Mom home. We had another fire.

This has been the best winter!! I love all the cold and snow!!!

Groundhog Day, Vestry, Superbowl Sunday

We have had very cold wintry weather the past few weeks. I love it!! I love it when it is really cold and you can just stay in the house, snug and warm by the fire, knitting or reading a book.

# 2 Son took the Goober up north to his friend’s cottage to go ice fishing this weekend. John Mac. came down and stayed at # 1 Son’s this weekend. The pencil was upset because she thinks her work as gypped her out of some pay. Sugarplum had a fever all week but seemed okay today at church. A. is going for laser surgery on his eyes tomorrow.

I worked at an auction at the church yesterday. I bought # 1 Son a patio set, clothesline and some garden tools. I didn’t have a Super Bowl party this year as I didn’t feel like it. We had an auction last Saturday but it was cancelled because of the bad weather. We have used up a lot of our firewood already. We have another auction next Saturday too.