Mom ended up living with us for a few days while they tore down the drywall in her apartment. She slept on my camp cot in the living room. It was kind of boring for her here and she was glad to go home. Although the new dry wall hasn’t been put back up because the roof is still leaking in places. There are buckets all over the hallways and then Bro said it was starting to come down in her TV room so he put a bucket in there. It got cold again so it has stopped. They can’t put up new drywall because if they do and it leaks again, the insurance won’t pay for it. They need to put a new roof on asap but they can’t in this weather. Anyway she is okay there for now.

The day after New Year’s # 1 Son and wife took Maddy and Puddin’ to a hotel in NF that has a big pool and water slide etc. They had a good time. There was an incident like before but this time things were talked out.

Our basement is still leaking when it’s mild and rainy, okay when its frozen. I went shopping for a new swimsuit. I also got Mom some new clothes while she was staying here. I even found some shoes that fit!

I worked an auction last week and at work this week. Had the girls for a sleepover last night. Puddin’ let Sugarplum sleep in the Princess bed and she slept in J’s bed. I took the Pencil to Costco this afternoon.