Water Woes-The year so Far

Fri. Jan 3 – Tenants call to say their hot water heater isn’t working.

Sat. Jan 4 a.m. – After taking down the Christmas decorations. I put my back out lifting one of the boxes.

Sat. Jan 4 p.m. – Tenants call to say Enbridge fixed hot water heater but now water is spraying out of the bathtub taps and leaking down through the dining room ceiling. Hubby races over there.

Sun. Jan 5 – In the middle of the church service, Mom who is sitting beside me, goes rigid, her head falls back but her eyes are open. I thought she had died right there in church, or had a stroke. As I’m not good with medical crises, and I couldn’t wake her up, others came to look, the service came to a halt, someone called 911, the minister’s wife who is a nurse came down from the balcony. She took charge, laid her down on the pew, felt for a pulse, got a cold cloth for her head and she came to. She and I held her on the pew as it is a hard narrow wooden bench and told the minister to continue with the service. Mom wanted to get up but we wouldn’t let her so she was singing the hymn while lying there. LOL. When the paramedics arrived, the service came to a halt again. They got her on the gurney and took her out to the ambulance. They let me come inside with them while they did a ton of tests, EKG, blood pressure etc. and asked a million questions. They checked her over thoroughly and could find nothing wrong. They said for 91 her heart was amazing. They were very nice. They said they could take her to the hospital or we could just go home, so we agreed I would just take her to my house. Win was waiting outside the whole time and the girls were in Sunday School.
We got her in the car and I took her home and gave her a cup of tea and she seemed fine.

Mon. Jan 6 – On the way to work my car started making a terrible noise. I got out and had a look and this cover thing in the wheel well was coming off so I continued on my way to work.

Then Hubby called to say, Mom’s ceiling was caving in from the condo roof leaking! She is on the top floor. By the time he got there, the roofers were there fixing it and the restoration company was shop vaccing up the water from her bedroom carpet. The ceilings in her kitchen, 2 bathrooms and hallway all had to be pulled down. What a mess!!

Hubby duck taped my car together so I could drive it home.