Three days before Christmas we had pouring rain and then a frozen rain storm.  The hydro went out for 3 hours at night and the sump pump overflowed.  We got it going in the morning and shop vacuumed up the water but it was coming in through the foundation.  Hubby has been vacuuming water for 3 days.  He is exhausted.  I phoned # 2 Son to come and help but he and his friend Phil had been at their work Christmas party and showed up drunk.  Phil’s wife dropped them off, they weren’t driving.  They were hilarious, but totally useless to help. LOL.  They came back the next day and brought another shop vac and helped.   It finally got cold on Christmas Eve so the water has stopped coming in for now….until all the snow melts I suppose!

We had a lovely white Christmas!!  And the driving was good too.  We went to church Christmas Eve and then Bro and Mom and Hubby and I went to Win’s for a drink and a snack.  We left about 10 pm.  Hubby stayed up and watched A Christmas Carol on TV.  I went to bed.

Up early and got the turkey stuffed and in the oven by 8:30.  I had the potatoes all peeled and this time and put them in the crock pot with some hot water and turned them on high.  They were done by 1 pm. which was perfect!  I got this idea from Pinterest.  And then you can mash them right in the crock pot and keep them warm until ready to serve right from the crock pot.  Awesome.

I also tried a Praline Pecan Sweet Potato casserole which looked really good but I wasn’t too fussy  about it with the turkey dinner.  Bro didn’t stay, he went to his girlfriend’s for dinner.  We opened present first and then ate off our laps.  We have never done this for Christmas dinner before, but it was just easier.  I gave them their calendars that I had made.  Jan. got hers before Christmas too and called to thank me.  I had also dried Runner Bean seeds and pumpkin seeds and packaged them in packets I had made for their gardens.  The girls all looked so cute in their pretty dresses, and the little Buddha had on a cute Santa suit.  They all left about 7:30 and I took Mom home.

# 2 Son was excited because he had finally killed the rat that was in his basement.  He had a picture of it on facebook.  Gross.

I finished up the dishes this morning.  I said I would make meatballs and some coleslaw to take to Sister in law’s for our Boxing day get together this afternoon.