Win is 30, Auction, Bench

Today I worked at an auction at the church.  I bought a cedar chest bench for # 1 Son and wife for their sun room entranceway.  It has a black cushioned top so you can sit and put your shoes on.

Tomorrow is Win’s 30th birthday!  She and A. went out last night with friends and I babysat at their house.   Tonight they are going to A’s work Christmas party so the girls are coming here for supper and a sleepover.   #1 Son and wife might leave the Buddha here while they go skating.  Hubby is going to invite the neighbour and her friend over for a visit after supper as well.

It is very windy and cold today and we had a little snow but it didn’t stay.  I forgot to wish every one a Merry Christmas at the auction as I probably won’t see them before.  Now I feel bad that I didn’t go back in to the hall.  Moe didn’t work today because she doesn’t like holding stuff up at the front and he doesn’t really need her at the desk.  She wants to do my job, but I’ve been there way longer than anyone else and I like my clerking job.  I’m not giving it up.


Sugarplum’s messy day

Win had the day off yesterday.  She put Sugarplum down for a nap but heard her talking etc so went up a little later to find her with her diaper off and “painting” with poop on the wall!!  She found a big turd behind the door where she had smeared it.  Win cleaned her all up, put new clothes on and cleaned up the bedroom.  She put her back down for her nap and checked on her a little while later.  This time she had found a jar of Vaseline in the drawer and had gobs of it on her hands and was smearing it all over Puddin’s bed!!!  LOL  Win had to clean the mess and her up all over again!!  She wears you out!  She is such a monkey!!

Hubby has been busy working around the yard and helping our neighbour Norma.  He took her to buy a new microwave stand, so he is over there now, putting it together for her.  He has also been taking stuff to the scrap yard.    Having him retired is great!  He always has my supper ready when I get home from work.  I’m getting spoiled! LOL

Wills, Bills and Chills

On Thursday, Hubby and I went to sign our new wills at the lawyer’s.  It was 1990 when we signed the last ones and the kids were underage then so I decided we should do new ones.  The bill was $715.00!!! Wow!  I wasn’t expecting that!

Hubby finally got his new gas tank for his truck and had it installed.  The tank cost $180.00 and the installation and sparkplug change cost $750.00.  Geez!

I thought I was working at an auction on yesterday but the auctioneer said he didn’t need me.  Then I asked about the 2 coming up and he said he’d let me know.  I was ticked off because I have worked for him the longest (30 years this year!) so I should get first dibs at the work!  I emailed him back and said “What gives? Have I been replaced?” and he emailed back “Certainly not”, so I felt a little better.

I babysat Puddin’ and Sugarplum Friday night for a sleepover as A & Win had a wedding to go to.  They were good.  A. came and picked them up about noon on Sat.  # 1 Son and wife brought the Little Buddha over so they could get their free breakfast.  They picked him up about noon too. Hubby and I were so tired we just sat and watched the 2005 remake of the King Kong movie all afternoon.

After  a bit of supper, I picked up Puddin’ and # 1’s wife and the 3 of us went skating at the arena.  They are both learning to skate.  We had fun.

Today is parish council after the Remembrance Service at church.

Wellness Day

I was supposed to take a Wellness day on Friday, but it was so blustery and cold outside, and was supposed to rain, so I asked if I could postpone it until today, Monday.

I worked at an auction outside all day on Saturday under the tents while it poured rain.  Good thing I had my long johns and rain pants on!  I bought Win an iron and a leaf rake and # 2 son a window fan for $1.00.  I didn’t get home until about 5.  I was exhausted!

On Sunday, I got up early as we set the clocks back an hour last night so I had lots of time to do the dishes. make a beef stew and do some laundry before I took Mom to church.   Then afterwards we went to #1 Son’s and helped move all his clothes in from the garage and put all the baseboards etc. into the garage and generally helped them clean up.  Their house is looking really nice now that they have the carpet in etc.  We stayed until about 3:30, then I took Mom home.

Today Hubby and I went out and moved all the scrap metal and cleaned up where the boat has to go for the winter.  We cut down a tree and weeded etc.  We moved the boat in place.  It started getting cold when the sun went in.