I went to Puddin’s Kindergarten Hallowe’en parade at the school at 9 this morning.  I had to park a long way down the street and it was raining but still fairly warm.  Good thing I took my umbrella.  The parents and grandparents stood along the walls of the main hallway while the processed past.  Puddin’ looked kind of shy but I got her picture.

Afterwards I went to Michael’s who had 80% off their Hallowe’en stuff.  So I picked up a fascinator, a skull bracelet, and a clip on big spider to wear to work.  Then I went to Walmart and got some ghost earrings to wear with my black blouse and orange sweater.  I will look festive at work tonight!


So we really didn’t do anything for my birthday except Hubby and I went out for Chinese Food on the Sunday night.  Monday Oct 21st was Hubby’s official last day of work.  So he is retired now.  He hasn’t worked (been on vacation) for a month now and his health has done a 100% turn around.  He is eating again, he looks better, his blood pressure is better, and he is off all the pills.  Unbelievable what stress can do to your health.

He has lots of things to keep him busy at home though.  He chopped and stacked all the firewood.  Today he and E. transferred all the oil from our oil tank to E’s oil tank.  Frankie is coming later this week to take the tank to Jason’s so he can use it for fuel for his racing car.  Enbridge finally came last Thursday and started up the gas.  There was a leak in one of the furnace pipes, so the furnace guys had to come back, drain it all down and redo it all.  But it’s good now.

I had an auction Friday night, worked at work on Saturday, then we had the Baby Buddha’s baptism on Sunday.  Everyone came here afterward for a late lunch including the minister.  We had the last tier of # 1 Son’s wedding cake that was left in the freezer.  It was very nice.  I had refurbished the big piggy bank that # 1 Son found somewhere.  It is cute now.  # 2 Son got all their carpeting installed on Saturday so they were happy.

I had Monday off so I did all the dishes, put all the patio furniture etc. up in the loft, and cut the grass.  Picked the last of the tomatoes and zucchinis.  After supper I went to Costco.  Tonight we had a Stewardship meeting at church.

Babysitting Rainy Day & 60th Birthday

I had a bad cold and cough all week.  I finally went to the doctor on Thurs. morning and he gave me something else to try.  I stayed home from work for the after noon as it was my 60th Birthday and I just wasn’t feeling up to going in.  I went in from 5 to 8 though which wasn’t bad because it was slow.  Was feeling a bit better on Friday.  Today, I babysat Puddin and Sugarplum.  # 1 Son and Tania brought the Baby Buddha over while they went for a skate.  # 2 Son and family came over to borrow the chain saw.    So their visits helped break up the day as it was long and rainy.

Sugarplum wouldn’t go down for a nap.  Win came at supper time and then put them to bed.  They are sleeping over.

Week Off & Sick & Toilet

I had this past week off to stay at home and do work around the house.  It was a beautiful warm week for the most part but I was under the weather with a bad cough, runny  nose, sore throat, and headache.  And I still have it!

Throughout the week I managed to paint the upstairs hallway by balancing on a beam suspended across the stairwell.  I even did the cutting in not too bad considering I was really reaching.  It looks good and I printed off some photos from Italy and Costa Rica and framed them and hung them up.  I also hung the large Pansy picture I bought at an auction for Win and she didn’t want it, over the stairs.  It looks great there!

While Hubby was away fishing last week, I  banged my finger.  I bought 2 turkeys, one for Christmas, like Janet suggested last year.  I was putting them in the freezer and it slipped and squished by finger between the turkey and the freezer wall.  It hurt so much!  I had to go and lie down.  I thought I was going to have a heart attack and no one would know I was killed by a turkey!  LOL

Hubby’s health is so much better and he is eating again, now that he has officially retired.  His last paid day is Oct 21st.  We don’t understand how the administration figured they owed him more vacation pay but we aren’t complaining!  We’ll take it.  His CPP also started this month.

Janet came down for the weekend to see her mother.  I did preparations for the Thanksgiving turkey dinner.  I was having 18 people for dinner (including Sugarplum and the baby Buddha).  On the Sunday morning, Hubby was looking in the medicine cabinet over the toilet and a little perfume bottle fell into the toilet and went down!  He couldn’t get it out.  He took the toilet right off but couldn’t get the bottle out.  It was stuck.  He said we would have to buy a new toilet.  We all had to use the upstairs bathroom.  Then this morning, I found a nice one piece toilet that I really liked but it was about $400.00.  When I came home from work, he had taken the toilet off and taken it outside and flushed water through it and this time, it came out!  So no new toilet.

It was so warm all weekend.  It was cloudy on Sunday but we ate our dinner outside until it started to rain.  Everyone came except T and E.  Then on Monday, we worked on the Holy Grill.  I picked up the Goober and the Pencil and Win came too and we all worked at the Artfest.  It was very busy.  The Goober worked hard and was a big help.  They left about 4 pm.  We were out of there by 6:15.  There was a lot of meat and pop leftover.