First Day of School & Fainting Again

I had the day off yesterday, Tuesday, as I worked on Saturday.  i drove Win’s student from Japan to university.  She is cute but doesn’t speak much English at all.

It was Puddin’s first day of school!  She was very excited.  Win took her to Mrs Vs and walked with her to school.  Win had the day off today too.  She came over with Sugarplum and we sorted out some clothes that Hubby had brought home from work and tried to empty out one of my closets.  We had lunch and she took baby home for a nap and I went shopping.  I got Mom 3 pairs of pants and a little purse and some groceries.  Then I went to Win’s so she could take Puddin to get new skates and a helmet as she starts skating lessons next week.  She was very excited to get “beautiful princess skates!”

When I got home, I went downstairs to do laundry and I heard a big thump upstairs.  I raced up and found Hubby had fainted.  He had a slight cut on his head.  I made him drink some Gatorade and sit down as he was dehydrated again.  He went to bed shortly afterwards.  I had to threaten to call an ambulance unless he would drink something.  He seems ok today.

Also on Monday, #1 son and Wife had quite the commotion outside their house as the 2 crackheads next door were dancing in the street with no pants on and smashed toff windows of a cfew who was driving down the street.  They were both arrested.




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