Sat. -Back to work

I was scheduled to work on Saturday and then I’m off on Monday again.  It’s kind of dumb but it actually worked out good because we were slow and I caught up on all my emails and stuff.

I canned 15 quarts of diced tomatoes and 6 jars of spaghetti sauce.  I gave Win 7 jars of the diced tomatoes and a big bowl of blended tomatoes for her to make spaghetti sauce.  She was playing baseball Friday night and working Saturday, so hopefully she got it made.

I stopped off at the auction at the church on my way to work, just to look.  It was all antiques, some nice sets of dishes.  Janet’s Dad’s smaller furniture was in it.

Sticking to my diet.  Hubby wanted to go out for fish and chips but I talked him into having a salad for supper instead.  We ate SO much on the NYC trip, I gained about 6 pounds!  Win and I started walking every night, but we’ve only done it once.  We need to keep going!

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