New Car & Glasses & Tomatoes

Our trip to New York city ended on Tuesday.  I got home about 6 pm.  It was a good trip and I will write about it later.  Win had Wednesday off so she brought the girls over about lunch time.  We sat on the back porch and I showed her what I bought in NYC and we played with Puddin’ and Babycakes.  She liked the Breakfast at Tiffany’s  travel mug I got to replace her Betty Boop one that she broke.

Janet’s Dad is going into a home and won’t be driving anymore, so I am buying his car from him.  It is a 2003 Toyota Camry and is in good condition.  On Thursday, Janet and her father and I went to the license bureau and changed it into my name.  The girl on the phone had told Janet she would need to bring the license plates in, so when we got there, we tried taking the back one off and broke the pins holding it on.  We couldn’t budge the front screws.  It turned out, we didn’t need to take them in.  Also, I had forgotten to take my ownership with me so I couldn’t use my plates.  I bought new ones and we put one in the front window and one in the back and drove to the auto garage that her Dad and I both use when our cars need fixing and asked them to fix the license plates for us and they did for free.  I like the car but the tires are making a loud noise.  I will have to get new ones on the front.

Today, I went and got my new “High Definition” lenses put in my glasses.  They are really clear and its nice to not have to look through scratches.  On the way home, I stopped and bought a bushel of Roma tomatoes and spent the rest of the day canning them, half chopped tomatoes and half spaghetti sauce.

I just heard about a rampage shooting at the bottom of the Empire State Building!!  We were just there a couple of days ago!

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