Sunday – Hospital visit

I babysat Puddin’ most of the day yesterday.  Then Hubby and I went out for Chinese food.  Afterwards we visited his sister in the hospital.  She has been in for 2 weeks now. She wasn’t very hopeful abut getting out anytime soon, but then today she emailed me that they are going to let her out.  So that is good news.

Hubby was so slow walking from the car to the hospital, I had to keep stopping and waiting for him to catch up.  I made him take his blood pressure before we left and it was in the green.  Then up in the room he started to feel faint, kept saying it was hot, but it really wasn’t.  We opened a window and he sat down and it passed.   I still think there is something else wrong with him, but I don’t know what and the doctor has done all kinds of tests to no avail.

#1 Son starts a new job tomorrow.  It is the same pay as his old one but has more potential for advancement and learning on the job.  The only thing is that it is about a 20 to 40 minute drive, depending on whether the bridge is up or not.  Anyway hope he makes out okay with it.

Win’s foreign student asked to go to another  house (really it was his mother) because he was bored.  He wanted to be in a house where there were other teenaged kids.  He hadn’t even been at Win’s a week!  They were planning on taking him to the Fergus games but now they won’t.  It rained on Saturday anyway.

I took Mom to church and discovered Bro had rented a walker for her and taken hers in to be fixed.  Cost was $113.00.  If I’d known he was going to do that, we wouldn’t have bothered trying to fix it last week!  Win brought Puddin’ and Babycakes over this afternoon.  I went swimming with Puddin’.  Babycakes was not in a good mood.  She is standing holding on to furniture now.  She likes to stand all the time!  Win had baseball at 4, so they left and I took Mom home.  Then we watched the closing ceremonies of the Olympics on TV.


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