Sun. – Hot and Dry

Hubby and I almost fainted at the Ribfest yesterday, it was SO hot!! It wasn’t too bad until we got all 4 fryers going and then it was unbearable!!  I couldn’t stay in there, I left poor Hubby and the minister in there by themselves.  Hubby’s face was SO red.   Business was pretty dead up until about 5 pm and then it started lining up.

I took Mom to church.  It was really hot in there too!  Win and A. are going to work on the Holy Grill this afternoon while I babysit.  It is actually raining out there now which is a huge relief for the farmers, everything is so dry.  We were beginning to think our well might run dry if we weren’t careful.  We conserve water as much as possible though, only flush when we have to, don’t use the dishwasher etc.

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