Holy Crap – Wed.

I watched The Dragon’s Den on TV at lunch time today.  They had a pitch by the makers of Holy Crap cereal.  It actually sounded really good and good for you, so I ordered it online tonight. It was kind of expensive but I’ll try it.

I couldn’t find the ownership for my new car earlier today.  I had checked the car and my purse so I figured it must have gone in the garbage.  So when I got home, I searched all through the blue box paper recycling and then the garbage can but couldn’t find it.  Then I cleaned off my desk but still no ownership.  Finally I dumped my purse out on the floor and it was in there after all. Ugh!

Win and I walked last night and took Puddin’ and Babycakes with us as Andy was at a meeting.  It took us 45 minutes to go half the distance we normally go!  So tonight we waited until Puddin’ was in bed and then went, but it is getting darker earlier so we won’t be able to do that too much longer.

Hubby is getting ready to go up north fishing for 2 weeks.  He leaves tomorrow night.


Sat. -Back to work

I was scheduled to work on Saturday and then I’m off on Monday again.  It’s kind of dumb but it actually worked out good because we were slow and I caught up on all my emails and stuff.

I canned 15 quarts of diced tomatoes and 6 jars of spaghetti sauce.  I gave Win 7 jars of the diced tomatoes and a big bowl of blended tomatoes for her to make spaghetti sauce.  She was playing baseball Friday night and working Saturday, so hopefully she got it made.

I stopped off at the auction at the church on my way to work, just to look.  It was all antiques, some nice sets of dishes.  Janet’s Dad’s smaller furniture was in it.

Sticking to my diet.  Hubby wanted to go out for fish and chips but I talked him into having a salad for supper instead.  We ate SO much on the NYC trip, I gained about 6 pounds!  Win and I started walking every night, but we’ve only done it once.  We need to keep going!

New Car & Glasses & Tomatoes

Our trip to New York city ended on Tuesday.  I got home about 6 pm.  It was a good trip and I will write about it later.  Win had Wednesday off so she brought the girls over about lunch time.  We sat on the back porch and I showed her what I bought in NYC and we played with Puddin’ and Babycakes.  She liked the Breakfast at Tiffany’s  travel mug I got to replace her Betty Boop one that she broke.

Janet’s Dad is going into a home and won’t be driving anymore, so I am buying his car from him.  It is a 2003 Toyota Camry and is in good condition.  On Thursday, Janet and her father and I went to the license bureau and changed it into my name.  The girl on the phone had told Janet she would need to bring the license plates in, so when we got there, we tried taking the back one off and broke the pins holding it on.  We couldn’t budge the front screws.  It turned out, we didn’t need to take them in.  Also, I had forgotten to take my ownership with me so I couldn’t use my plates.  I bought new ones and we put one in the front window and one in the back and drove to the auto garage that her Dad and I both use when our cars need fixing and asked them to fix the license plates for us and they did for free.  I like the car but the tires are making a loud noise.  I will have to get new ones on the front.

Today, I went and got my new “High Definition” lenses put in my glasses.  They are really clear and its nice to not have to look through scratches.  On the way home, I stopped and bought a bushel of Roma tomatoes and spent the rest of the day canning them, half chopped tomatoes and half spaghetti sauce.

I just heard about a rampage shooting at the bottom of the Empire State Building!!  We were just there a couple of days ago!

Tuesday-Vacation start

I was so busy at work, trying to get everything done before I left on vacation but I got most of it done.  Win and I both have tomorrow off.  We are going for a pedicure, I have to finish packing, and pick some thimbleberries if it’s not raining.

I will be driving to my friend’s house in Wnflt at 7:30 am Thursday morning.  Then her husband is driving us to the duty free at Fort Erie and the bus will pick us up there for a 6 day trip to New York City.  We will be seeing 2 Broadway shows and going behind the scenes of Wicked.  It should be a good trip.

Sunday – Hospital visit

I babysat Puddin’ most of the day yesterday.  Then Hubby and I went out for Chinese food.  Afterwards we visited his sister in the hospital.  She has been in for 2 weeks now. She wasn’t very hopeful abut getting out anytime soon, but then today she emailed me that they are going to let her out.  So that is good news.

Hubby was so slow walking from the car to the hospital, I had to keep stopping and waiting for him to catch up.  I made him take his blood pressure before we left and it was in the green.  Then up in the room he started to feel faint, kept saying it was hot, but it really wasn’t.  We opened a window and he sat down and it passed.   I still think there is something else wrong with him, but I don’t know what and the doctor has done all kinds of tests to no avail.

#1 Son starts a new job tomorrow.  It is the same pay as his old one but has more potential for advancement and learning on the job.  The only thing is that it is about a 20 to 40 minute drive, depending on whether the bridge is up or not.  Anyway hope he makes out okay with it.

Win’s foreign student asked to go to another  house (really it was his mother) because he was bored.  He wanted to be in a house where there were other teenaged kids.  He hadn’t even been at Win’s a week!  They were planning on taking him to the Fergus games but now they won’t.  It rained on Saturday anyway.

I took Mom to church and discovered Bro had rented a walker for her and taken hers in to be fixed.  Cost was $113.00.  If I’d known he was going to do that, we wouldn’t have bothered trying to fix it last week!  Win brought Puddin’ and Babycakes over this afternoon.  I went swimming with Puddin’.  Babycakes was not in a good mood.  She is standing holding on to furniture now.  She likes to stand all the time!  Win had baseball at 4, so they left and I took Mom home.  Then we watched the closing ceremonies of the Olympics on TV.


Holiday Mon. – Chip Monk?

It’s cooler today, really nice out there.  Hubby and I took the money to the night deposit at the bank this morning on the motorcycle.  It was a really nice ride.  Then we drove to Win’s to deliver her car keys which I had forgotten to take out of my pocket last night.

We are just sitting around relaxing before our shift at the  Holy Grill which starts at 4 pm until closing.  They should be busy down there to day because it is cooler.  One of the fellows from church said someone asked him if he was the Head Fryer?  He said, No I’m just the Chipmunk (Chip Monk)! Ha Ha.  I like it!

I should go and pick some thimbleberries before we go.

Sun. – Hot and Dry

Hubby and I almost fainted at the Ribfest yesterday, it was SO hot!! It wasn’t too bad until we got all 4 fryers going and then it was unbearable!!  I couldn’t stay in there, I left poor Hubby and the minister in there by themselves.  Hubby’s face was SO red.   Business was pretty dead up until about 5 pm and then it started lining up.

I took Mom to church.  It was really hot in there too!  Win and A. are going to work on the Holy Grill this afternoon while I babysit.  It is actually raining out there now which is a huge relief for the farmers, everything is so dry.  We were beginning to think our well might run dry if we weren’t careful.  We conserve water as much as possible though, only flush when we have to, don’t use the dishwasher etc.

Fri & Sat. – Holy Grill Fries

I worked at the Ribfest Friday night on the Holy Grill.  The park was packed and we were lined up a little bit and steady.  It was very hot.  Today, Sat., Hubby and I are on from 3 to 7 pm so it will be even  hotter!!   At least the pool seems to have cleared up.

Hubby is fixing the front brakes on my car today.  # 1 Son is taking a tow motor course and his wife is getting new tires put on her Elantra.

Wed. – Break In

We arrived at work this morning to find someone had tried to break into the bank!  They had pried the back door with a crowbar.  The door was all mangled and bent.  The alarm went off at 5 am.  The police were called, the investigation is ongoing.  They didn’t get in.  Even if they got in, what could they take?  Nothing!