Monday-Day Off

I finished photoshopping the “Mermaidland” pictures and got some sheets and photo ready to have laminated for the Holy Grill event next weekend.  The hairdresser stopped by and cut my hair at my house as she was going to the doctor’s and passing right by.  I went to Black’s and got some photos printed.   I also bought a new skimmer for the pool and new sandals as I can hardly walk in my old ones.

Sun.- # 2 Son’s Birthday

I took Mom to church and then I had everyone over for # 2 Son’s birthday.  Instead of BBQing hamburgers, I baked a ham and did cauliflower and cheese, with bean salad and coleslaw leftover from the BBQ at work on Friday.  I made a chocolate cake and Win and Puddin’ iced it. It was pretty hot and the pool was green so we couldn’t go swimming, very annoying!  Everyone left about 6 as Win had a baseball game.  I was very tired but did the dishes.

Newfie BBQ

I worked on Saturday and then we went to a 65th Birthday BBQ for Hubby’s fishing friend.   They have known each other for 40 years, since they were 25!  We found the venue opposite a Shopper’s Drug Mart behind a small rented house.  Everyone was sitting on plastic chairs on an old cement patio that had deteriorated long ago.  It was a like an old parking lot.  There were 3 round plastic tables with a 100 oz. tin can in the middle for cigarette butts.  Everyone was smoking reservation cigarettes.  I was the only one who didn’t smoke.  I was so thankful it was held outside!  The reservation smokes smell terrible.  Hubby can’t even smoke them, they make him sick.

We were introduced and found  chairs.   Fishing Buddy’s wife was there in a tank top with all her tattoos showing front and back.  Her brother was sitting opposite her, with no shirt on, covered in tattoos as well.  He had a long grey ponytail, and a grey beard with 3 silver studs in his chin, a ring in each nipple, and a large silver chain with a massive silver cross hanging from his neck.

Next to me was a guy who seemed quite nice, who didn’t talk much and was wearing a black fedora type hat, buzzed hair, a black T shirt, pants and black shoes.  They kept calling him “Heather” and I kept thinking that’s a funny name for a guy.  Later on, one of the ladies introduced him to a latecomer as her girlfriend, Heather!  I couldn’t believe it, I was sure she was a boy!   She had a deep voice too.  When she got up to get food, I did see that she had boobs though.

Fishing Buddy’s daughter, Kim, had done a good job of organizing everything.  She seems to be on the wagon as she wasn’t drinking and said something about AA.  Her brother Mike had also been to rehab and was quite presentable with his hair cut,  in a nice shirt and jeans.  She kept bossing him around and he did what she said.  The other brother Wally didn’t show up.  Apparently he was getting a tattoo across his whole back and was booked in for the night.

Kim has rented this little house for a couple of months.  She pays $1000. a month for it.  They had to take 2 dumpsters of garbage out of the back yard and get rid of all the rats in the house before she moved in!  They have been fixing it up, putting up dry wall to cover the holes and a tub surround etc.  The landlord (or should I say slumlord) won’t pay for anything!  The floors in the house are all wavey and there’s no basement.

Fishing Buddy finally showed up but wasn’t really surprised.  They bought him a purebred dog for a present.  They cooked hamburgers on a large borrowed BBQ and brought out a number of large salads and a cake and 2 cheesecakes for dessert.   Fishing Buddy kept saying he just ate 5 eggs and toast at 3 o’clock and wasn’t hungry, but then proceeded to graze at the tables for the next hour!  The food was very good.  It was a nice warm evening and we had a good time.  We left about 10:30 p.m.