Wed. – Mermaidland

I took a Wellness Day off work on Wednesday and Win and I took Puddin’ and Maddy to “Mermaidland” which is what Puddin’ calls it when she see the commercials on TV.  So cute!  We took the French exchange student to the Academy and then picked up Maddy from the trailer camp where she was staying with a friend.  We packed a lunch, snacks and drinks and finally got away about 9:30.

We saw the whale, dolphin and sea lion show at 11:45. Then we took them on a few rides, like the Ladybug roller coaster, a boat ride, the Rocket and the Bumblebee.  Puddin’ loved the rides!!  She and Win were in the first car of the roller coaster and she had her arms up in the air, laughing.   Maddy was scared on the roller coaster and she cried through the whole Bumblebee ride!  Puddin’ laughed through it!  Puddin’ is 3 and Maddy is 8.  Win texted # 2 Son and said “What’s wrong with your daughter? She’s being a wimp!” LOL.  I think she was just tired.  We returned to the car and drove to the picnic area and had our lunch under the shady trees, then went back in.  We saw the aquarium, the deer and the bears.  Then we had an icecream cone.

By now it was 5 pm and Win was supposed to pick up the French student and A. was busy, so we phoned # 1 Son and wife to pick him up.  We gave # 1 Son directions but as usual he didn’t listen and went the wrong way.  They were texting back & forth with Win and her phone was dying.  We finally got a message that they got him.  Whew!

So now we had more time, so we went on some more rides and then as we were walking out, we saw the dolphin show was on again and there weren’t very many people watching, so we went in to see it again.  Then we left, even though Puddin’ didn’t want to.  Maddy was fast asleep before the car even got out of the parking lot!! And Puddin’ was asleep before we got home too.  Win and I were exhausted too but it was a good day.