Sun. & Mon. Fixings

I took Mom to church yesterday and then brought her back to our house. It was very hot and humid but the flies weren’t bad on the back porch so I set the big fan up to blow on us and we sat out there. Win brought the girls over and Puddin’ and I went for a swim. Then we did the beans and potatoes for supper while Win went and got groceries. Win has a new French boy staying with them. His name is Axle and he is 17.

I also got my sewing machine working again so I made a new cushion cover for the living room cushion yesterday. Today Hubby got his motorcycle back after getting the guy in Vnld to fix it. It cost him $70.00 which wasn’t bad. Ken got a push lawn mower for $30.00 from his friend and he also got the riding mower’s flat tire fixed.

I got my information for the trip to New York city in the mail. I am disappointed that we are not going to see Wicked on Broadway. I was hoping for that or Rock of Ages. Oh, well it will still be a good trip.

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