Sat. Blueberry Picking & BBQ

Win and I were both tired this morning after staying out late last night, but at 10:30 we went off to a farm in Thor. to pick blueberries. We took Puddin’ too. The blueberry field was all enclosed with plastic netting to keep the birds out. They had only sprayed with a very mild spray one time at the beginning of June. The berries were plentiful and easy to pick. We picked 6 pounds each which cost us $20.00, ($1.75 per pound). To buy them already picked cost $17.00 for 4 pounds. So it was much cheaper to pick our own and it only took us an hour to pick the 12 pounds.

We went home and Win and family were going to a swimming pool party at 2 pm. I had our staff BBQ/party at T’s in Grims. She has a large, beautiful house on an acre and a half of land with forest behind it. The house has a large wrap around porch deck and large above ground pool and an area for a firepit and seating around it. A very nice set up. I took devilled eggs. I got there about 4 pm and left at 9 pm.