Friday Night JoHo Motorcycle Accident

I found out about 4:30 pm that Dave Rave was playing at the JoHo tonight. I emailed Bro but he had already gone back home. Hubby was working late, so I talked Win into going with me. I picked her up and as we were leaving her street, she saw in the rear view side mirror, a motorcycle come out of her friend’s driveway. As we got passed the stop sign and got up to the speed limit, the motorcycle came booting passed us over a double solid line, going like a bat out of hell!

When we got to Jdn where the big curve is, this motorcycle had spun out, hitting a pole. He was unconscious flat on his back, the motorcycle was on it’s side and there was glass everywhere. People were trying to help him. The ambulance wasn’t there yet.

We found a parking spot and walked back to see if it was Win’s friend’s boyfriend. We got close enough to see that it wasn’t and then walked away. She thought it must be a friend of her friend. She tried calling but there was no answer. She texted several friends as well. They wouldn’t let us in the JoHo as they were up to capacity but we got a table outside on the patio.
We ordered some curly fries and spicey mayo and beer.

After the ambulances and police were there, she saw her friend’s white van pull up and realized it must be her friend’s friend who was hurt. She ran over there but was too late to catch her.

We finally got to go in about 10:30 and we stayed till almost 1. Yea! Hubby and Bro always make me leave at midnight.