Tues. – Cutting the Cheese

I had to drive Hubby’s truck to work today as the front brakes have done in my car.  I hate driving his truck because it’s so big.  After work I had to drop off the 4 boxes of cheese curds at the church and put them in the fridge there.  Then at 7 pm, I went and loaded them back in the truck and drove to Lynda J’s as members of the Evening Guild were getting together to cut the cheese curds into smaller pieces, ready for the Ribfest next weekend.  On the way there, the bridge was out and the road was closed so I had to go around on a detour, then a cop was following me for quite a way.  I finally made it to her house.  Only 4 of us showed up but we got it done fairly quickly and then sat and had a glass of wine and cheese and crackers afterwards.  I dropped it all off, returning it all to the church fridge on the way home.

Monday-Day Off

I finished photoshopping the “Mermaidland” pictures and got some sheets and photo ready to have laminated for the Holy Grill event next weekend.  The hairdresser stopped by and cut my hair at my house as she was going to the doctor’s and passing right by.  I went to Black’s and got some photos printed.   I also bought a new skimmer for the pool and new sandals as I can hardly walk in my old ones.

Sun.- # 2 Son’s Birthday

I took Mom to church and then I had everyone over for # 2 Son’s birthday.  Instead of BBQing hamburgers, I baked a ham and did cauliflower and cheese, with bean salad and coleslaw leftover from the BBQ at work on Friday.  I made a chocolate cake and Win and Puddin’ iced it. It was pretty hot and the pool was green so we couldn’t go swimming, very annoying!  Everyone left about 6 as Win had a baseball game.  I was very tired but did the dishes.

Newfie BBQ

I worked on Saturday and then we went to a 65th Birthday BBQ for Hubby’s fishing friend.   They have known each other for 40 years, since they were 25!  We found the venue opposite a Shopper’s Drug Mart behind a small rented house.  Everyone was sitting on plastic chairs on an old cement patio that had deteriorated long ago.  It was a like an old parking lot.  There were 3 round plastic tables with a 100 oz. tin can in the middle for cigarette butts.  Everyone was smoking reservation cigarettes.  I was the only one who didn’t smoke.  I was so thankful it was held outside!  The reservation smokes smell terrible.  Hubby can’t even smoke them, they make him sick.

We were introduced and found  chairs.   Fishing Buddy’s wife was there in a tank top with all her tattoos showing front and back.  Her brother was sitting opposite her, with no shirt on, covered in tattoos as well.  He had a long grey ponytail, and a grey beard with 3 silver studs in his chin, a ring in each nipple, and a large silver chain with a massive silver cross hanging from his neck.

Next to me was a guy who seemed quite nice, who didn’t talk much and was wearing a black fedora type hat, buzzed hair, a black T shirt, pants and black shoes.  They kept calling him “Heather” and I kept thinking that’s a funny name for a guy.  Later on, one of the ladies introduced him to a latecomer as her girlfriend, Heather!  I couldn’t believe it, I was sure she was a boy!   She had a deep voice too.  When she got up to get food, I did see that she had boobs though.

Fishing Buddy’s daughter, Kim, had done a good job of organizing everything.  She seems to be on the wagon as she wasn’t drinking and said something about AA.  Her brother Mike had also been to rehab and was quite presentable with his hair cut,  in a nice shirt and jeans.  She kept bossing him around and he did what she said.  The other brother Wally didn’t show up.  Apparently he was getting a tattoo across his whole back and was booked in for the night.

Kim has rented this little house for a couple of months.  She pays $1000. a month for it.  They had to take 2 dumpsters of garbage out of the back yard and get rid of all the rats in the house before she moved in!  They have been fixing it up, putting up dry wall to cover the holes and a tub surround etc.  The landlord (or should I say slumlord) won’t pay for anything!  The floors in the house are all wavey and there’s no basement.

Fishing Buddy finally showed up but wasn’t really surprised.  They bought him a purebred dog for a present.  They cooked hamburgers on a large borrowed BBQ and brought out a number of large salads and a cake and 2 cheesecakes for dessert.   Fishing Buddy kept saying he just ate 5 eggs and toast at 3 o’clock and wasn’t hungry, but then proceeded to graze at the tables for the next hour!  The food was very good.  It was a nice warm evening and we had a good time.  We left about 10:30 p.m.

Fri – 2 Funerals & a BBQ

Jim P., a very nice man from church passed away on Tuesday.  He was 91.  He and his wife had been married for 68 years, childhood sweethearts.  Hubby and I went to the funeral home tonight as I have to work tomorrow so can’t attend the funeral.   He loved his dog and took her everywhere in the back of his station wagon.  He would always ask Hubby “How is your beautiful bride?” when he saw him.

In the other room at the funeral home, was one of my clients from the bank who was 95.  She was a nice Mennonite lady, tall and thin, with no children who used to walk everywhere.  She would walk up to see me at the bank, even in her nineties, with her tote bag containing her statements etc., always very organized.   She had very good health up until just a couple of months ago.

Our manager and assistant manager BBQ’d lunch for us, hamburgers, hotdogs, and salads and icecream bars for dessert.  We sat outside at the back.  It was a beautiful day to eat outside, not too hot.

# 2 Son’s birthday is today, he is 32.  We will celebrate on Sunday as I have to work tomorrow.  We watched the opening ceremonies for the Olympics on TV tonight.

Wed. – Mermaidland

I took a Wellness Day off work on Wednesday and Win and I took Puddin’ and Maddy to “Mermaidland” which is what Puddin’ calls it when she see the commercials on TV.  So cute!  We took the French exchange student to the Academy and then picked up Maddy from the trailer camp where she was staying with a friend.  We packed a lunch, snacks and drinks and finally got away about 9:30.

We saw the whale, dolphin and sea lion show at 11:45. Then we took them on a few rides, like the Ladybug roller coaster, a boat ride, the Rocket and the Bumblebee.  Puddin’ loved the rides!!  She and Win were in the first car of the roller coaster and she had her arms up in the air, laughing.   Maddy was scared on the roller coaster and she cried through the whole Bumblebee ride!  Puddin’ laughed through it!  Puddin’ is 3 and Maddy is 8.  Win texted # 2 Son and said “What’s wrong with your daughter? She’s being a wimp!” LOL.  I think she was just tired.  We returned to the car and drove to the picnic area and had our lunch under the shady trees, then went back in.  We saw the aquarium, the deer and the bears.  Then we had an icecream cone.

By now it was 5 pm and Win was supposed to pick up the French student and A. was busy, so we phoned # 1 Son and wife to pick him up.  We gave # 1 Son directions but as usual he didn’t listen and went the wrong way.  They were texting back & forth with Win and her phone was dying.  We finally got a message that they got him.  Whew!

So now we had more time, so we went on some more rides and then as we were walking out, we saw the dolphin show was on again and there weren’t very many people watching, so we went in to see it again.  Then we left, even though Puddin’ didn’t want to.  Maddy was fast asleep before the car even got out of the parking lot!! And Puddin’ was asleep before we got home too.  Win and I were exhausted too but it was a good day.

Tuesday-Plans & Glaucoma

I took a wellness day tomorrow as Win starts a new job next Monday and I thought it would be nice for us to do something fun before she goes back to work.  We were going to visit our friends in Scar. but they were going away this week, so we have decided to go to “Mermaidland” instead.  That is what Puddin’ calls it.  We will take Maddie too.

# 2 Son called to say Maddie could go and also said he’d been to the eye doctor who said he had torn something in his eye and that is why he is seeing a black spot.  There is nothing they can do about it!  The eye doctor also said he might have Glaucoma!  He goes back again in Sept.

Hubby came home all upset about his job again.  I don’t know how much longer he will last there.

Sun. & Mon. Fixings

I took Mom to church yesterday and then brought her back to our house. It was very hot and humid but the flies weren’t bad on the back porch so I set the big fan up to blow on us and we sat out there. Win brought the girls over and Puddin’ and I went for a swim. Then we did the beans and potatoes for supper while Win went and got groceries. Win has a new French boy staying with them. His name is Axle and he is 17.

I also got my sewing machine working again so I made a new cushion cover for the living room cushion yesterday. Today Hubby got his motorcycle back after getting the guy in Vnld to fix it. It cost him $70.00 which wasn’t bad. Ken got a push lawn mower for $30.00 from his friend and he also got the riding mower’s flat tire fixed.

I got my information for the trip to New York city in the mail. I am disappointed that we are not going to see Wicked on Broadway. I was hoping for that or Rock of Ages. Oh, well it will still be a good trip.

Sat. Blueberry Picking & BBQ

Win and I were both tired this morning after staying out late last night, but at 10:30 we went off to a farm in Thor. to pick blueberries. We took Puddin’ too. The blueberry field was all enclosed with plastic netting to keep the birds out. They had only sprayed with a very mild spray one time at the beginning of June. The berries were plentiful and easy to pick. We picked 6 pounds each which cost us $20.00, ($1.75 per pound). To buy them already picked cost $17.00 for 4 pounds. So it was much cheaper to pick our own and it only took us an hour to pick the 12 pounds.

We went home and Win and family were going to a swimming pool party at 2 pm. I had our staff BBQ/party at T’s in Grims. She has a large, beautiful house on an acre and a half of land with forest behind it. The house has a large wrap around porch deck and large above ground pool and an area for a firepit and seating around it. A very nice set up. I took devilled eggs. I got there about 4 pm and left at 9 pm.

Friday Night JoHo Motorcycle Accident

I found out about 4:30 pm that Dave Rave was playing at the JoHo tonight. I emailed Bro but he had already gone back home. Hubby was working late, so I talked Win into going with me. I picked her up and as we were leaving her street, she saw in the rear view side mirror, a motorcycle come out of her friend’s driveway. As we got passed the stop sign and got up to the speed limit, the motorcycle came booting passed us over a double solid line, going like a bat out of hell!

When we got to Jdn where the big curve is, this motorcycle had spun out, hitting a pole. He was unconscious flat on his back, the motorcycle was on it’s side and there was glass everywhere. People were trying to help him. The ambulance wasn’t there yet.

We found a parking spot and walked back to see if it was Win’s friend’s boyfriend. We got close enough to see that it wasn’t and then walked away. She thought it must be a friend of her friend. She tried calling but there was no answer. She texted several friends as well. They wouldn’t let us in the JoHo as they were up to capacity but we got a table outside on the patio.
We ordered some curly fries and spicey mayo and beer.

After the ambulances and police were there, she saw her friend’s white van pull up and realized it must be her friend’s friend who was hurt. She ran over there but was too late to catch her.

We finally got to go in about 10:30 and we stayed till almost 1. Yea! Hubby and Bro always make me leave at midnight.