Called 911

Hubby and I went out to the Chinese restaurant on Saturday night for our 37th anniversary dinner as we were both working late on Thursday night. I had had a big prolonged antiques auction that didnt’ finish until 4 pm and it had rained all day and was miserable so I was tired. Anyway, after the chinese dinner, when we got in the car, Hubby got a blinding headache. He thought it was from the glare of the sun, but it really wasn’t that sunny, it was 7:30 at night. We went home and he went to bed.

In the morning he got up and started working on fixing the plugged kitchen sink. It was getting hot and he was sweating, so I got the large fan out of the attic. I told #1 Son and wife to keep checking on him to make sure he was okay, and I went off to church. We had a parish council meeting that didn’t end until about 1:45. When I got home, Hubby was asleep in the living room with the fan on him, so I went out and cut all the grass and got # 1 Son to help me get all the patio furniture down from the top floor of the garage. Then # 2 Son and family came over and started to clean out the pool and pump clean water in from the cistern.

Hubby got up and BBQ’d hamburgers and hotdogs and we all sat down to eat. He ate one hamburger and said he felt really tired. He didn’t look good and then he complained of the blinding headache again. We decided to take his blood pressure and it was really low, 44 over 20, then the second time it was 62 over 30, especially considering it is normally high like 170 over 90, so we decided we better take him to the emergency but when we tried to get him up to get in the car, he collapsed. He was acting strangely and violently jerking when we touched him, so we called 911 as we thought he was having a stroke. His mouth was drooping to one side and his speech was kind of slurred.

The paramedics were there in good time and said it wasn’t a stroke but it might be a mild heart attack. They put him on a heart monitor and an IV and took his blood pressure. Once the IV was in, his blood pressure started going up to normal again.

I drove to the hospital in my own car and the boys called Win who met me at the emergency. While we were waiting, The Pencil texted Win that she was coming too. Win asked her to bring us some Ice Caps as it was so hot in the waiting room. The 3 of us sat there for 3 hours, we started getting a bit giddy. We were laughing at how #1 & # 2 Sons and me were standing far away from the paramedics and were not wanting to look at what they were doing as we aren’t good with any of that “health” stuff. But The Pencil and Tania were right in there helping, holding the IV bag for them etc.

Then we realized that when the Pencil asked for Hubby’s blood pressure machine, I had given her the thing that plugs into the wall and makes a high noise to stop mice coming in the house!! She didn’t know what it was, but it was like no blood pressure machine she had ever seen!! LOL.

About 10:30 we finally got to go in the Triage room and see him. He was looking better but the doctor still hadn’t seen him. The others left and I stayed. The doctor finally came and was afraid he might have a broken blood vessel in his brain, so he wanted to do a Cat Scan and if that didn’t show anything, a Lumbar puncture which they finally did about 2 am. Meanwhile I had my feet up on a chair, trying to sleep. About 4:30, the doctor came back and said everything was fine so we could go home. So after all that, he was probably just dehydrated. We both called in to work, sick today