Broken Wisdom Tooth

So I was eating popcorn the other day and a large piece of my wisdom tooth broke off. Ugh! Back to the dentist again! They squeezed me in on Monday afternoon. They tried to take Xrays but I kept gagging because it is so far back, so they did a panoramic Xray and made an appointment for me to see a dental surgeon to have it pulled.

They said I needed to have it done before I go up in an airplane on my trip as the air pressure wouldn’t be good. So Win is driving me to Wld. tomorrow afternoon as the only surgeon that could fit me in was in Wld. So far it’s not bothering me.

Things are shaping up for Mom’s 90th birthday celebration on Saturday. I’ve ordered the cake and food, Win is doing flowers. Bro is looking after pictures etc. It seems like lots of people are coming. I figure about 70.