Off to Costa Rica

I’m all packed and ready to go. The airbus picks me and my girlfriend up at 4 am. for 16 days in Costa Rica on an adventure tour. I have malaria pills and imodium. I’ve had a typhoid shot and dukoral. Hopefully I will be okay.

Win, A. and the kids have gone up north for the holiday weekend to a friend’s cottage so I said goodbye to them yesterday. I felt sad. I hate to leave Puddin’ and Babycakes for so long. Puddin’ knew something was up as she just wanted to sit on my lap and cuddle. It was nice and sunny outside but cool. It’s supposed to be a nice weekend but I told her to take winter coats and bug spray as the black flies will be terrible. Win was really excited to go.

# 1 Son and wife both have to work tomorrow. #1 Son has been going over to Frank’s to learn about welding to see if it is something he would like to do. So far he thinks it’s pretty good.

Hubby hasn’t been eating much lately and when he does, he throws it up. He seems to sleep all the time. I hope he is alright while I’m gone.

Sis in Law, SVT, Pedi

I had the day off because I worked on Saturday. I finished packing, had a shower then went and got my hair cut. Then I went to Win’s and had lunch and then we and the 2 girls went to Sister in Law’s for a visit. She was looking a lot better than when I last saw her but has to start chemotherapy soon, for a year! Her lympnodes were in stage 4 cancer so that’s not good. We didn’t stay too long as she is still very tired.

I went to the doctor who told me I have SVT – Supra Ventricular Tachyceredlc? heart arithmyia, nothing to worry about.

After supper, Win and I went and had a pedicure. I picked bright orange nail polish and she picked purple. It was a nice place, closeby. Would definitely go there again.

RIP Big Tig

Win had to have her cat put down this morning. He was a lovely old cat that weighed about 30 pounds. He had large paws some with 6 or 7 toes. He was white and orange and very timid. He would hide when people came to visit and he hardly ever meowed. When I was babysitting and he would walk down the hall or something, he would scare the life out of me because it would sound like a person was walking around upstairs but it was just Big Tig. Poor Tig, we aren’t sure how old he was. Win had him for about 8 years. He had a good life after Win got him.

Win has been babysitting my nephew’s son this week. He plays nicely with Puddin’ most of the time. We had them playing road hockey on the back porch today.

Mom’s 90th Birthday

Bro and I organized an Open House at the Village Clubhouse for Mom’s 90th Birthday. Win did all the invitations and flowers and helped me with the food. I ordered little sandwiches from the Barn Market down the street and a cake, veggie, fruit and cheese trays from Foodland as it was just easier. It was pricey but Bro is paying for half.

We had about 75 people attend. Some we hadn’t seen for 20 years or so! Some we had no idea what their address was but Win looked them up on the internet and sent out an invitation anyway. They were all so glad we had invited them and were happy to see Mom. It was supposed to be from 2 to 4 pm but we didn’t get home until after 7. It was so great to see our old neighbours and our parent’s friends from when we were growing up. Bro and his girlfriend had worked for hours putting together a computer presentation of old photos, speech etc. It was quite good. Everyone had a great time. I think Mom was a bit overwhelmed but enjoyed it.

Sunday morning we had a Potluck Breakfast at the church. I took an apple pancake casserole and Win took eggs in ramekins. It was good. I was tired so didn’t do much the rest of the day.

I had my wisdom tooth out on Wednesday. They gave it to me to take home. It is huge!! It didn’t bother me until last night, it started aching. Hope it’s not getting infected.

Broken Wisdom Tooth

So I was eating popcorn the other day and a large piece of my wisdom tooth broke off. Ugh! Back to the dentist again! They squeezed me in on Monday afternoon. They tried to take Xrays but I kept gagging because it is so far back, so they did a panoramic Xray and made an appointment for me to see a dental surgeon to have it pulled.

They said I needed to have it done before I go up in an airplane on my trip as the air pressure wouldn’t be good. So Win is driving me to Wld. tomorrow afternoon as the only surgeon that could fit me in was in Wld. So far it’s not bothering me.

Things are shaping up for Mom’s 90th birthday celebration on Saturday. I’ve ordered the cake and food, Win is doing flowers. Bro is looking after pictures etc. It seems like lots of people are coming. I figure about 70.