The past week

Tuesday night we went to see Sister in law. She didn’t look good at all. She still has pneumonia and an infection in the incision which has caused a large hole in her stomach that has to be packed everyday and is very painful. It’s very hard for her to eat. She managed to consume half a poached egg on toast. We stayed for about an hour as she was getting tired.

Wenesday night Win and I attended the Emmaus meeting at the rector’s house. This was about the 4th session. It is a nice little group. They have a King Charles spaniel that is very cute and 2 cats.

Saturday, I worked on the church newsletter all morning. Hubby’s friend picked him up and they went off to the airport to go to Cuba for a week. Once they had gone, I phoned Win and we went shopping, I for boots and she for sandals with an arch. She found hers, I found some boots but they weren’t really what I wanted. I hate buying shoes or boots, if I find a good pair, I wear them for years and years. After supper, I worked on the newsletter again until 10 pm when I packed it in.

This morning, I picked up Maddy for Sunday School and picked up Mom for church early as I had to be Sidesperson. Last Sunday I had asked another man to help because I knew Hubby wouldn’t be there but he didn’t show up. After coffee hour, I whizzed over to the far shopping mall to check out their boots and found some, sped back to take Mom to the organ concert at the church at 3 pm but her hearing aid battery went and she didn’t have a back up with her, so I took her home. I went to the concert by myself. In between all this, I made chicken and rice for supper.

We have been getting brussel sprouts out of the garden! The weather has been so crazy warm here! They didn’t die over the winter and are small but really sweet to eat. Soon Hubby will be picking wild asparagus and bringing it home. They say it is supposed to snow tomorrow but I don’t think so, however, the wind turbines will be whirring all night again so the buds in the orchards and vineyards don’t freeze.

Friday the 13th etc.

It was Friday the 13th on Friday but we didn’t take the motorcycle to Dover as it was too cold and we didn’t have the day off. There is another one in July so hopefully we will go then. It was a crazy day at work with people yelling at us and others acting weird and one of my members lost $15,000. to a scam on the internet. Yikes! I was also ticked because there were 3 people off on vacation at the same time and they shouldn’t have been so I had to fix a bunch of stuff that I really didn’t have time for but I was the only one there that could do it. I complained to the manager.

We had an auction on Saturday at a really nice house in the city. I bought a few things like some wine glasses and martini glasses for $2.00 because nobody else wanted them. It was over by about 1 pm, so I went to the Zeller’s store that is going out of business and looked around. I purchased some wool and a silver cross on a chain at 50% off. Then I went and got some groceries and went home.

Hubby and I were Sidespersons at church and then I had parish council. Then I did Mom’s income tax and hemmed her 2 new pairs of pants and made a roast beef dinner.

Sister in Law came home from the hospital on Sunday afternoon even though she still has an infection. We sent some flowers to her house and will go and see her tomorrow night as Hubby is going to Cuba next week.

Easter Week Activities

I got my income tax done on Good Friday and only have Mom’s left to do but was missing something from Bro for hers so couldn’t do it. Very annoying!

Win borrowed my flower cupcake pan and made cupcakes for Easter Sunday’s dessert. She decorated them with pink, mauve and purple icing. Very cute and yummy! She also made chick and rabbit cookies and iced them. They looked and tasted good too! She picked brussel sprouts out of her garden for Easter dinner as well.

Sister-in-Law’s surgery was Thursday morning and she came through it fine. We were going to visit her in hospital on Friday night but she wasn’t having a very good day and didn’t feel like company. She is allergic to so many anethestics so she was having a hard time. We will go next week sometime.

Saturday, I worked and then got things ready for Easter Day. I hid 40 brightly coloured tin foil covered chocolate eggs outside in the yard. 20 in the front yard that were down low and easier to find for the girls and 20 in the back that were up off the ground so the dogs wouldn’t eat them and a bit harder to find for the boys. # 1 Son and Tania were going to go to church with their Mexican friends but didn’t get home in time from an appointment. I was going to go to the Saturday Vigil (with cake and Sherry afterwards) but was too tired. The people that went said it was a really nice, intimate service.

Sunday morning Hubby and I and # 1 Son picked up Mom and met the others at church as Hubby and I were Greeters. Tania had to work until 1 pm. # 2 Son came with his family too. Win had Babycakes all dressed up in a frilly dress and stockings and little shoes. What a doll!

After church we all went back to our house for the egg hunt but we had to wait until Tania got home as she wanted to be there. She had thought I hid hard boiled eggs for the kids! LOL After dinner, we played a game with hard boiled eggs, where you had to hit someone else’s egg and crack it without cracking your own. I had 3 prizes for the winners. The Goober liked this game. The kids wore off some energy riding the tricycles and little tractor and car up and and down the driveway while the adults relaxed and had tea. # 2 Son had to take the Goober home at 4:30, Win and family stayed til about 7:30. I did the dishes and then watched the movie Australia on TV.

This morning we had an auction at the church. Normally I work but because I worked Saturday, I had today off so could go to the auction. I didn’t buy much. It was done by 2 pm.

Cancer, Shots, Did Well

Hubby and I went to visit his sister last night. She goes in for her surgery on Thursday morning. The doctor isn’t going to even try to re-section her colon back together, mainly because of her other problems. He says it is probably stage 2 cancer but he won’t know for sure until he goes in. It is a 4 hour operation. She is trying to stay positive but it is very scary.

I had my typhoid shot for going on my vacation in May and I also got some Malaria pills as we are going in the rainy season and it is an adventure tour so there is a slight chance of malaria. The doctor said they cost $300 or $400. but my drug plan covered them! which surprised me! I wasn’t going to bother if it didn’t. I’m also thinking of getting the Shingles vaccine as I’ve had chicken pox and a mild case of shingles and I’m afraid of getting them. A lady at church has had them on her face for 9 weeks.

Yesterday I found out that I was the # 4 salesperson in the company for last Fall’s investment campaign. I get 10,000 points for the employee rewards program. Cool!