#1 Sons 40th Birthday

We had a surprise party for #1 Son tonight.  I got off work early in lieu of the RSP call night.  The girls from work went out for lunch with Kayla who was down from Ottawa.  She told us she is pregnant.  I just had coffee while they had lunch.  I hurried off afterwards to pick up the cake and then went home to get Hubby to help me pick up the other food.  When we got it out to the car, he couldn’t find the keys!  He searched his pockets and couldn’t find them. I said he must have dropped them in the washroom but no, he finally found them. Ugh!  Off we went to #1 Sons.  His wife brought him back about 7  as they got stuck in traffic.  He was surprised.  It was a little disappointing as his friends that said they would come didn’t show up but we still had a good time.

Feb 15 – 20 Packing and Pedis

 I worked Saturday, went the Vestry meeting on Sunday?  Hubbys tests all came back fine except now he has pulled a muscle or something in his leg and can hardly walk!  I was afraid it might be a blood clot but it’s not moving. He put a tenser bandage on it and is a bit better.  On Monday I did my ironing and did a lot of packing for our trip.  It was family day but Win was away in Austin Texas with her boyfriend for the weekend.  On Tuesday, I went to Henry’s and bought a new tripod.  I got the church books up to date and made a shepherds pie for supper.  I ordered our SA rand and ordered the food for #1 Sons 40th Birthday party on .friday.  I picked the girls up from daycare and Win picked up Maddy.  They had supper and then we all went for a pedicure for their birthdays.  Tonight we had an RSP call night.  I have been so busy at work!  I have been trying to learn more about manual settings on my camera before our trip.  Tuesday night I took photos of the full moon.

Ice storm, Ps Birthday, Valentines

Euchre was cancelled on Feb 6 because of an ice storm.  The 7 of us that went to work on Tuesday got off early at noon because of the bad weather.  I went home and had a lovely day knitting and reading by the fire.  We had a fire almost every day!  On Thursday morning I went to the knitting circle at church.  The ladies are knitting toques for the migrant workers. I also took a lot of winter photos of the ice

On Saturday Feb 9, I babysat the girls.  We baked a cake and they made valentines and then I dropped them off at dancing and went and got groceries.  They stayed for supper.   On Sunday I went to church and then M and Win and kids came over for Puddins birthday. Hubby bbq’d peameal bacon and hotdogs.  I made coleslaw and macaroni salad but none of his family ate anything but hotdogs and chips.  They are even fussy about the chips they eat.  So annoying!  

On Tuesday there was another ice storm so our RSP call night was cancelled.  Hubby had an ultrasound and X-ray.  Wednesday night Feb 13 I went to the Photo Club meeting. Some good videos on composition.  Tonight, Hubby and I went out for dinner for Valentine’s Day at Ls Family .restaurant.  We thought we would try it.  It was a little country place, good food.  Only 3 other couples were there besides us.  The food was good.  Hubby

Robbie Burns, The Price is Right

Saturday Jan 19 th Hubby and I drove to the Robbie Burns dinner in the truck after work as it was blizzardy.  We got lost and had to call Win but we finally made it just in time.  A was there by himself, sat at a different table to us.  W had her friend Laura and her daughter who just started dancing and Laura’s friend from work (my age) and her 96 year old mother all at our table. It was good. The haggis smelled like feet. Lol it was disgusting! Ken ate it. The mushy peas were wonderful, I asked for extra and the lamb stew was good and I love the mashed potatoes mixed with turnip and green onions, roast beef and Sticky toffee pudding and apple crisp and shortbread for dessert. Was so full!  The girls danced, we ate and we went home about 9.  

On the Sunday we woke up to about 6 inches of snow so I didn’t go to church and parish council was cancelled.  I stayed home and read my book. Monday I was off and stayed home puttering around the house.  We had a fire both days.  On Tuesday I went to a stewardship meeting at the beacon.  On Friday the boys brought the dogs for us to look after as they were going over the river to be on the Price Is Right Show.  I got my hair cut this saturday at Barbies.  Sunday we had a long parish council meeting.  It is still cold today so had another fire.  

Busy Week

Last Thursday morning we had a church budget meeting and then I worked late.  Saturday I worked on the church books and the Carolyn picked me up and we went to the Winter Wine Fest to volunteer from 4 pm to 7 pm.  We were in a tent selling tokens.  It was cold and very busy, so busy we ended up working until 8:30.  Then we walked around and had some wine and ani dwindled cream filled donut and a butter tart and then went home.  My feet were frozen!

On Sunday I went to church, and after lunch Hubby and I visited Mom, the I met Dianne at the movie theatre and we saw “The Basis of sex”.  It was good, then we went to Kelsey’s for supper. Watched the new Queen Victoria series on TV.  

Yesterday we stayed late for a staff meeting and had antipastos for supper.  Tonight we went out with the suction gang toLinguinis pasta bar.  I am so full!  I work late tomorrow night and have an auction at the church Friday night, then I work Saturday and then we go to see the girls do Scottish dancing at the Robbie Burns dinner.  Sunday I have parish council.  By next Monday I will be dead tired!

First week

last Wednesday we went to the funeral home for a lady at church and then I went to play euchre at the church.  Saturday I worked.  Sunday I went to church and then went to see mom.  Came home and took down the Christmas tree and vacuumed etc.  We had a leg of lamb for supper.  Monday I had off, I went shopping and did church books, then Win dyed my hair and I went to the dentist for a cleaning after supper.  I was tired and grumpy today and very busy at work.  Tomorrow night I’m going to the photo club meeting. Bro is supposed to go too.

New Years Eve and Polar Bear Dip

On Sunday I went to church then came home and read my book for a while,  about 3:30 I decided to go for a skate at the M centre.  I drove around and around looking for a parking spot finally found one.  I thought it was a free skate but turns out you had to pay.  Skated for a while but the ice was rough and I fell, so left.  Worked on Monday.  We were very short staffed and it was busy.  We didn’t do anything for New Year’s Eve, just sat by the fire, watched TV and read.

Today, January 1st, Bro and I decided to do the Polar Besr Dip in Lake Ontario.  We drove to Bros house and went together.  We paid $25 to register and got a T-shirt.   Everyone ran into the water at the same time at 2 p,m.  The temperature was +4C but the wind was very cold and the lake was brown and wavy.  The beach was all large stones.  Even with our water shoes on it was hard to walk on them, they were slippery and it was steep going into the water.  But we did it!!  We went in and got back out.  It was freezing but we had a robe and towels and out our coat back on.  We rushed back to the car and took our water shoes off.  Our feet and hands were freezing.  Hubby started the car and got the heater going.  By the time we got back to Bros we were warm.  We took some pictures and got changed.  Bros wife made a beef stew, potatoes, green beans and Yorkshire puddings for supper with chocolate cheesecake for dessert.

Christmas, Boxing Day, Hockey

Tuesday, Dec 25 – Christmas 2018 – I worked until 3 pm yesterday. I was busy at work.  Came home and had BLTs for supper then Hubby and I went to church at 7. Bro came alone as his wife hurt her back.  Win and kids were in Buffalo at Ms until late Last night then came home so they were home this morning.  We got up about 7:30 and it is starting to snow!! Yea!  Win and kids came over about 11.  A picked them up at noon.  We all opened presents and then had dinner about 4.  A nice Christmas.  

Boxing Day we got and did all the dishes, cleaned up, vacuumed and made meatballs and veggie and cheese trays to take to get together at #1 Sons.  Rose was sick so didn’t come and oldest nephew and wife weren’t there either but everyone else was.  A good time.

Saturday, Dec 29 – I met Bro and wife at the nursing home. We took mom down to listen to a pianist playing Christmas songs.  Bro and I decided to enter the Polar Bear dip on Nee Years day.  It is on both our bucket lists. Then I went home and had lunch and read until it was time to leave for the Goobers hockey game.

Wow what a hockey game. In the first 6 seconds Goober got smashed into the boards like a bug on a windshield!  He was down for a long time but he’s okay.  Later he got a goal to tie it up 3/3 but they scored and won 4/3.  Several times there were 3 players from both teams In the penalty box at the same time.  And after the game a couple of the parents were in Each other’s face. Geez!

Came home, had supper and read by the fire.  

Hurt Back and Dancing

Friday night we had an auction at the church.  I did t buy anything.  When I got home Hubby wasn’t feeling good.  His back hurt and it hurt when he breathed.  Saturday morning I had to go to work but I called and got him in the see the doctor who sent him for xrays and thinks he has a broken rib.  I didn’t go for a skate.

Today, I went to church, then had parish council afterwards, then Win and I went to the girls Scottish dance recital for 3 pm.  After supper I went to the Lessons and carol service at the church. Hubby was going to go but he was too sore. Bro and wife came.  Tomorrow I told Win I would help her clean her house if she would help me buy my Xmas gifts.  I haven’t bought one yet! Yikes!

Advent, Fall, Birthday

Sunday, Dec 2 – I started posting a photo-a-day for Advent.  I went to church.  It was so warm and sunny out! I cut evergreens for my urn a d then I did my Christmas cards.  

Saturday Dec 8 – I had an auction outside at a house today.  It was cold but I was dressed warmly enough. Hubby drove by As house today because I bought a bbq at the auction And there was a uhaul trailer in his driveway.  Maybe his girlfriend is moving in.  Hubby took the bbq out of his truck at home and fell on his back.  He almost passed out.  Now he is really sore. Geez he will never wait for me to help him!

On Wednesday I went to euchre.  Win showed up to decorate for the concert on Sunday.  We took the girls for a pedicure and manicure today. I paid for Sugarplum, That was her birthday gift.  I went had supper and then went for a skate at the arena. I had to wait for the Brock U girls to finish their hockey game, it was tied but they lost, good hockey though.  

Sunday, Dec 9 – Win and girls went to church.  I brought Puddin home after and we iced Sugarplums cake while Win and her got groceries.  Then we all went to the concert at the church with a wine and cheese reception afterward.  Then we went home and everyone came over for supper.  I made 2 lasagnas and spinach mandarin orange salad. 

Monday, Dec 10 – I had the day off so did all the dishes from yesterday and vacuumed and cleaned up.  Then Hubby and I went to visit Mom and happened to meet Bro in the parking lot so we all went in and took her down to the cafeteria. There was a bake sale going on so we bought some butter tarts and had coffee and talked for an hour or so.  In the afternoon I did church books.