Long Weekend Fun

Friday morning, I called to arrange to have CAA pick up Hubbys bike but the collision place said it was totalled.  Hubby had thought it would be okay.  I was glad, he won’t be getting another one!  #1 Son and kids came over to see Hubby.  I called the insurance and made a claim, then I got his prescription and went in to work.

Janet arrived Friday night about 8:30 pm as the traffic was good.  Saturday, we met Bro and his wife at the Albright BBQ.  We had a hamburger and strawberry shortcake with mom.  Then Janet and I went to Bros for a swim.  The pool was great.  Next we drove to Swiss Chalet for supper and then to see the movie, Mama Mia Here we Go Again which was good.  We were.

Sunday we got things ready for our high School friends BBQ and then went shopping at Costco and Freshco.  Norm and Rose came for a visit and brought Hubby some Boost to drink as he is starving.  He has to drink everything through a straw.  Our high school friends came about 2 pm.  It was terribly hot and humid.  About 4:30 Bill BBQd the burgers. CH made a salad and a peach pie.  We put 4 candles on the cake and blew them out.  They left about 7.  We went down he basement to cool off and watch my pbs shows.  

Janet left about 7:30 on Monday morning.  I weed whipped the front yard and cut the grass in the ditch and did some weeding.  It was very hot again.  I had a rest and then picked some thimble berries and tomatoes.  #2 Son came over to see Hubby and he made a bee box while here.  It started to thunder and rain.  Hubbys foot is all black and now his bottom lip gum has a bump in it.  He goes to the ortho clinic at the hospital tomorrow.  

Motorcycle Accident

Ken had a motorcycle accident today.  He was coming off the qew at our exit and hit some sand or gravel and slid out of control.  His face hit the curb and guardrail.  No one else was involved.  The bike is totalled (glad because he’s not getting another one!). He’s lucky he had got a new helmet the day before.  His chin was sliced open right through. He had to have about 12stitches on the inside and then more on the outside.  He won’t be eating solid food for a while.  He also has 4 broken toes and many abrasions.  We got home from the hospital about 11 last night. 

Honey Bees

It‘ has been cloudy and sunny off and on.  Just started to rain.   I vacuumed the whole house, did laundry.  I moved the stack of firewood down the driveway further so we can now cut the burnt trees out.  #2 Son and the Goober came and moved a beehive from the neighbours to our house. They just appeared one day and set up a hive in an old whiskey barrel. The neighbour didn’t want them.  There was honeycombs in the barrel.  They got it moved, pretty cool.

Fence and Photo Club

When I came home, Hubby said the neighbours asked if we were going to pay for a new fence.  He had give me an estimate of $1500.00 a few days before after Hubby drove off.  I told him we would clean it all up ourselves and then see about getting a new top rail and chain link.  I’m not giving him $1500. For that little bit of fence that we didn’t put up and it’s not our fault it burnt and they don’t want to go through their house insurance.  And I’m not hurrying to clean it up in 90 degree heat.  It will get done in our time, not his. The neighbour is such a bully. 

I went to the photo club meeting.  A man gave a presentation and slide show about his trip to Iceland.  It was interesting but really, it made you think, do I really want to go there? It’s all snow and mountains and a few waterfalls.  I left at 8:30 before the q and a started and went to Bros to check his house as he is away camping.  His new kitchen cupboards are in and look nice.

New hairdo and new dentist

Hubby and I took a load to the scrap yard and made $50. Then we loaded up again and went to the dump, cost $30.  We got rid of about 6 boxes of soot.  Then I went to Ws to check the leak and Rooster was there.  To make a long story, short, she dyed my hair and then took me to her barber to get my hair cut….short! But I like it. After supper I went to a new dentist.  I was there 1.5 hours.  They took a million X-rays, were very thorough.

I had Thursday and Friday off. I weeded and pruned and we took a load of brush to the dump.  We hung pie plates up in the veggie garden to try to scare away the rabbit.  I also did laundry and cleaned the house. On Sunday I went to church and later, visited mom. We also went to Ws to fix a leak in the bathtub drain.  Hubby also fixed the outdoor tap.

Insurance, Dinner and Movie

Yesterday, they came to pick up the burned motorcycle but then decided they couldn’t take it. So Hubby asked the farmer down the road if he would put it in our truck with his forklift which he did and Hubby took it to the scrap yard.  He got $40 for it.  We also got the money from the insurance, so that was good.  I went to work and then went down to see mom after.  She was pretty dozy, couldn’t stay awake.

We went out with D and R to Kelsey’s.   D. and I had the Asian salad but it wasn’t good at all, they have changed it. No oranges or almonds and we had to ask where the chicken was.  The waitress was brand new and ordered us the lunch salad instead of dinner or something.  There was only lettuce and Dried cranberries and sauce for $15!  We complained and they brought us grilled chicken to add to it and gave us 2 free desserts and then they just charged $12 not $15.  Anyway the movie, Skuscraoer with Dwayne Johnson was okay but a lot of fire which wasn’t good for Hubby. 

New Motorcycle

Hubby is driving me crazy looking for a new motorcycle.  He found one in Bville and the owner is a girl who works at the home where mom lives. He ended up buying it for $4500.  It is 2005 Suzuki Boulevard 800 cc.  Hubby drove it home with no license plate or insurance, I followed close behind him.

We had an employee appreciation day at work so had pizza and popcorn and watched a movie on our lunch.  The restaurant on the corner burnt down.  On Saturday, at the lavender festival in NOTL 34 cars caught fire that were parked in a field.  

Babysitting and Panic Attack

On Saturday, I babysat the girls.  We were supposed to go to a strawberry social at the old folks home but it was cancelled because of an outbreak.  We picked mullberries and Bro and wife came and picked some by putting a tarp under the tree and shaking it.  Much faster but you get a lot of twigs etc with the berries.  The girls painted,and then I took Puddings to her guitar lesson uptown.  A showed ten minutes before it was over, so annoying.  We went home and they had a tea party on the deck with their dolls.  Win came home and took them shopping, then came back for supper.  After supper we went on a hike.  A nice day, beautiful weather.

On Sunday Win messaged me that she had a leak and the kitchen ceiling had a water mark on it.  I told Hubby who is so tired of all the work over there as there is always something.  When I came home from church, he was having a meltdown, he was crying and depressed and started having a panic attack.  I think the business with the motorcycle and everything just got to him.  I called the Pencil and she came over and talked to him for about an hour and he calmed down.  He seems okay today.

New Freezer and Rotten Meat

Bro didn’t have his usual Canada Day pool party this year as they are in the middle of renovating their kitchen so we just stayed home.  I didn’t go to church on Sunday, it was very hot and humid so I got up early and worked in the garden until it became unbearable.  I saw a bunny in the veg garden so we weed whipped the edges looking for it and fixed the fence so it can’t get back in.  Then in the afternoon Hubby saw a freezer for sale on FB so we messaged and they said we could go see it.  It was only 3 years old and nice so we bought it for $100., a good deal!  One of the photos I put on the photo page got 43 likes, the most I’ve ever had!!  

On Monday, I did some more weeding first thing and then we cleaned out all of the freezers.  #2 Son came and helped carry it down the cellar and later we filled it.  We had some old soup bones that didn’t look so good so we put them in he green bin which was a big mistake because now they stink to high heaven and are full of maggots im sure.  Ew!  I had nightmares about rotten meat!  It was terribly hot so we sat in the basement and slept down there too. I visited Mom and thenWin came over and we talked Hubby into going for Chinese food for supper.

the insurance adjuster still hasn’t come.  Hubby and Norma went to get chicken wings for supper last night and she fell of the stool in the restaurant.  She is ok, she hurt her back though.  The neighbour on the other side is in hospital too.

Very Hot and Tick?

Cleaned out all 3 freezers.  Had to go and buy a new garbage can and green bin as all ours were burnt.  Geez they are expensive.  I got 3 green bins at the auction last year for a dollar each.  Had to pay $30 for a new one.  The whole side of Kens truck is burnt, anywhere there was plastic.  The tail lights on the trailer are melted but the trailer is ok.  He was afraid the tires might blow but they didn’t.  The fire fighters said it is lucky our garage is metal otherwise it would have gone up too.  Can’t clean any of it up until the insurance adjuster sees it on Tuesday.  Sat inside watching blue jay game and photoshopping pictures of our trip.  BBQ steaks, baked pots, squash and green beans for supper.  

Had a message from A and W that Rora had a bug in her head, it may be a tick they aren’t sure.  He took her to the clinic and got medication.  She had told me she had something in her hair on Monday but I couldn’t see anything and I was busy getting supper.  I feel so bad, I should have looked more carefully.  I feel sick.  I hope she is okay.