Dino plants and Min visit

Sat. Nov. 18 – Win has her Dino plants at a bazaar so I went to check it out and I had to pay $3 to get in!! I went about 11 and she had only sold one. It was mostly for mothers with young babies. A girl at the table next to her had homemade pies but I don’t think she had sold any either. She won’t be going to that one again. She thinks next week will be better as it’s at a school. Made 2 quiches and coleslaw for tomorrow. Raining here so couldn’t do anything outside. Meat pies, fried cabbage and zucchini and fries for supper. Made some homemade broccoli soup for lunch tomorrow toots Min and Cin are coming for a visit. They are supposed to get here about 11 but are always late, no church.
I worked an auction at the church last night but afterwards some guy was complaining that he didn’t get paid enough last week for his consignment. R. Thought I made some mistakes.

Sunday, Nov 19. – Min And Cin and Sophie and I went for a hike to B. falls after lunch. It started out sunny but clouded over and snowed and hailed off and on. Didn’t stay on the ground though, hike was nice, water was really rushing although it was quite slippery. Win and girls came about 4:30 and we had an early supper As they wanted to leave before it got late. Nothing much ne with them. Hubby told them we are going to europe next summer so that let that out of the bag, Cin didn’t say much about it. She is having carpel tunnel surgery in March and is going to NZ after. Win sold 1 more Dino. The bazaar next week is on Sunday from 10 to 2 and there is no admission so hope it is better.

No Hot Water, Elton

They still haven’t come to fix the hot water heater! We called Mon, Tues and today.  We bought it brand new on Oct 6!  Yesterday after work we had a surprise baby shower for Erin. I said something stupid and feel embarrassed today. I always say stupid things, I should just keep my mouth shut. Win was jealous because A took his GF to see Elton John at the MCentre, we would have liked to have gone but the tickets sold out so fast.


I spent all day Saturday cleaning out the garden shed, hanging tools up, throwing away old stuff. Looks good In there now. Win helped me put all the patio stuff up in the top of the garage today and her and the girls helped put up the outdoor Christmas lights. Parish council was long, first one with new minister. A brought Joan to skating. Win shook hands and that was about it. She didn’t think he had her to their house when she wasn’t there. Were probably at her hotel. He has tomorrow off too. They took the girls to see the Mary poppins movie and she gave them each a necklace and bracelet. Puddin thought she was nice but of course they only saw her for a short, got a gift and saw a movie.

New Rector, Patio stones

Sun Oct 29 – We took the kids to church and stayed for the potluck lunch. I took Mac salad. Food was so good. It was for Rev Cathie’s farewell. W took girls to skating.

Sunday, Nov 5/17 – The new minister started today. She seemed nice. She seemed a little bit nervous but she has a good sense of humour. She has an 11 year old dog named Heidi that she usually brings to church. It is a German shepherd Alsatian I think cross so it is big. So everyone is excited to see the dog. It rained off and on all day. I don’t know how he cut the grass? Hubby went to Cathy’s and got 6patio stones, how I don’t know, they are sooo heavy! I caught up on church books. W took girls to skating. When she got back. Hubby and I went and got the rest of the patio stones. Wow they are heavy! How he did 6 by himself, I don’t know!  Cathy showed me her new deck and interlocking brick patio and walkway. Very nice. I baked some squash and did mashed pots and fried pea meal bacon and corn. Getting my hair cut this morning. W is mad because it’s her day off and A is staying home sick and is lying on the couch instead of in bed.

Auction fun

It was rainy all day here.  I bought Win lots of urns and things at the auction today for her business. I got so many fun things for her to work with. They were just giving the stuff away at the end.  Hope she can make some money with some of it.  She has 2 craft shows coming up before Christmas.  Just rested today as we are both sore from yesterday.

Friday off

Friday, Oct 27/17 – I had today off. We worked outside all day.  I cleaned up the veg garden. Hubby took the shingles and rotten plywood off the garden shed roof as there was a big hole in it.  We are both exhausted. Cardboard pizza for supper.  I have an auction at the church tomorrow. Is supposed to rain tomorrow.  We have a potluck at church on Sunday to say goodbye to the interim rector.  The new one ‪starts November 1st. I also planted some perennials.‬ My bum is so sore from bending over. 19759 steps today!

Saturday Things

Beautiful day and I had to work. Is supposed to rain on Monday which I have off.
A is having their thanksgiving family thing today at his family’s.   Win had today off so went to swimming with girls and then they left.  The Hotdog is coming and they are going to a roller derby thing at the arena and she is having a table to sell some of her dinosaur plant things. Hope she sells a couple or she will be discouraged! The Hotdog is staying at Flower St tonight as Kay has gone to visit E in scotland until November 2. I think she really misses E. Win said the lawyer is trying to get the court date for this January. She said, when she went for her appt, before she even sat down, he said, wow A is a control freak asshole! Lol so if he can see it, hopefully the judge will. He says it could be 4 days. Also Win lost her Fitbit! She thinks it fell off at the pumpkin farm.

Harvest Home

It was Harvest Home at church which was decorated so beautifully. The minister asked the kids in the huddle what they were thankful for. Puddin said family? Win and I had to laugh because Sugarplum was the only kid who was thankful for food and she is the one who will never eat her supper!  Lol. So then last night she asked me if I made supper for them and I said yes.  She said,” oh, I want to thank you for making us supper” and Mouthy pipes up and says ” me too, Thank you for supper Grandma” and Sugarplum actually ate all her supper up without any coaxing! Lol

#2 Son and family came over for a visit. The Goober cut all the grass for me, pulling the kids around in the little red trailer behind him.

Saturday Oct 14

Hubby seems okay today.  We got the air compressor that fell on him off the trailer and down the side walk going to the back.  He took the motors off so it wasn’t quite so heavy.  I moved all the leftover wood from the old pool deck and stacked it neatly so he can put the boat back over there and get it off the driveway.  Cloudy but was working in my tank top, just started to drizzle at 4 pm,so we quit.  He went to buy some potato salad to go with leftover turkey, that should finish it up. I’m exhausted!  15351 steps!
We have Harvest home at church so am taking the boys tomorrow.  Hubby will help #1 Son to something at His house, I forget what lol.
Sears is closing all their stores!  What a shame! I liked Sears.

Friday Oct 13

Hubby slept in until 8 am this morning which he never does.  He looked very pale and was tired.  He took his blood pressure and it was high so I gave him a pill.  He went to have his foot Xrayed again.  The old Biddy from Flower St called to say there is something wrong with the vent pipe now and she has called a plumber to look at it on Monday and would like Hubby there also.  Got caught up on my Diary web site this morning.  Working late today.