Good Things

I start a new job on Monday. It’s in Customer Service at a waste management company. It’s the one that was offered about a month ago, but they went with another applicant who had specific job related experience. They said at the time they really liked me and if they were to add another position they would like to hire me. The woman who got the position left without notice this week, and I am starting on Monday. It’s fulltime with good wages. When I get hired in officially I will make even more money. I have to work through Kelly for at least six months before that happens. Still, it is a wage I expected and will bring me more than four hundred dollars additional from what I am currently making each month. Enough for me to be stable. It is a job that I can do with no worries and hours I am very happy with. It’s a normal work week, 8 to 5 Monday through Friday with an hour lunch.

Life is good! My life has gotten busier and much more ‘full’. I have a class through the church every Thursday. It’s called ‘Getting Oriented’ and is about Eastern religions, and how they relate to Christianity. My neighbor downstairs has invited me to the next ‘Girl’s Night Out’ with her group of friends. I am very honored to be included, and from what she says they are a fun bunch. I intend to go to church each Sunday whenever possible to keep my contacts and friends there. It will be easier for me to do that now that I won’t be working there during the week. I’m going to continue doing the bulletin, enewsletter, Facebook group page updates and website updates on a volunteer basis, going in for a few hours every Wednesday evening. I will enjoy this and it’s a great way to stay current both with the church and with the skills needed to do those things.

Eventually I am going to move forward on my business plan of 15 years ago and start doing very simple websites for people. I am hoping to do one for my friend who does odd jobs as side work. He wants to start being his own boss and make this a fulltime endeavor. It will be fun to do a page for him and it will be fairly simple. Something to put in my portfolio.

I have to get going. The president of the board and my boss are taking me to a Thai restaurant today for lunch to thank me for all I’ve done and also celebrate my new endeavor. I have come to feel that Unity is my family.

So many things are coming around in such a positive way, and it’s because of positive thinking combined with positive action.

Later people . . . . if you have migrated here please comment so I know you are around. I’ll be playing around with my theme and stuff here on Saturday.