Well we signed all the mortgage documents last night, the loan offer, the terms and conditions etc, now we just have to wait, and pack of course, which we are being VERY slack about. So far we are up to 5 boxes done, 2 of books, 2 of videos and 1 of cds, pathetic huh?

I have been really sick again recently, although I have still been at work for the most part. I think the other night was due to a bad reaction to the spices on what I had for dinner, so I am not overly concerned about that. I am going to go see another doctor at some point, probably my mum’s one, she swears her doctor is the best and won’t think I am a hypochondriac. And she will come with me :)

Work is driving me up the wall, I am sick of people. SICK TO DEATH OF THEM.

And I have to be here til about 6:30 – 7:00ish tonight, waiting for someone to turn up for a meeting, his plane lands at 5:15, I hope it is on time and traffic doesn’t hold him up too much!

I felt so terrible the other night when I was sick, I felt all ugly inside, so I got Mark to straighten my hair for me so I at least felt semi pretty on the outside. I was in such a droopy mood that night, very sooky, being sick does that to me.

I also am pathetic when it comes to a lot of other things, but don’t feel like beating myself up too much at the moment, so I shan’t go into it.

Oh yeah, before anyone ELSE mentions it…


4 thoughts on “ohohohohohoh

  1. *chuckle* yes I am a bit of a sook when I am sick too, sad thing is – like my mum – I seem to always be sick with one thing or another lol

    congrats on signing the house!! xxx

  2. Oh my, you’re organised! Five boxes is good!

    I am so sorry that you have been unwell. I will send you good vibes for a speedy recovery.

    Thank you for your kind words. Murphy has made a full recovery!

    Get Well Soon, my dear friend!

    Hugs & Love,


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