End of SEPTMBER? Sheeit

I am migrainey today. My head is aching, I am cold and miserable. Seriusly debating just going home and going back to bed again. If the Mersyndol Forte’s don’t kick in and stop this by lunch time, I am gonna go drop off my car at the repairers and and go home. Well hope that the repairers will take me home LOL.

We went to the show on Saturday despite the rain and wind and cold, and had a good time up until I went on the Gravitron thingy and it made me sick. I was not expecting it to HURT my NECK AND ANKLES though! But it did, and i was feeling sick and seedy for hours afterwards but oh well.

We went to Switch Saturday night which was okay, they had toss the boss for free drinks, now I know what it is, I should got to clubs more, NOT! LOL. I hate clubs. It was a good night, but the venue sucked for taking photos though, the stage is all wrong for artism. Hehe.

Yesterday we just played Cluedo, the plumber came and fixed the shower drain at 8:30am after we went to bed at about 3am.

I didn’t drink on the weekend, but I still feel like shit.. at least I didn’t spend any money at night. We spent a fortune at the show though, got about 5 kilograms of candy mmm sweeet candy… we ate lots of junk while playing cluedo *grins*

I am so disjointed, this entry doesn’t even make sense to me.

Hmm 11 o’clock. 5 hours til I knock off a bit early and go take my car in to the smash repair place.

Then I have to get the train to work tomorrow and take the Ute for the next few days. Oh *JOY*

*Spins in a curcle*

Oh now, wait it is the room that is spinning, or is it just my brain? Either way, it hurts.

My head feels better for a second but then it hurts way more again.

I think I will give up on typing this today, too lost. I will go fuck up some more work instead.

3 thoughts on “End of SEPTMBER? Sheeit

  1. I’m finally commenting again! Yay!

    We didn’t end up going to the show, we figured it’d be better to save the money but just ended up spending it on other junk anyway :S

    You’re still on my Yahoo messenger, so I think you need to add me to yours again. Do you remember my username? If not I’ll put in in a private comment tomorrow (don’t want the whole world knowing my real name :P)

    Hope you feel better soon.


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