The people I talk about

Me – I am 23. I live with my brother and Angus and my 3 cats in Melbourne. I became single for the first time in 6 1/2 years at the end of September 2001. I don’t get along with a lot of my family, and sometimes can’t stand my friends, but usually I am pretty nice to them. I talk a lot, I am pretty easy to get along with, but am always told I am weird *grins*

Update 11/04/03 – Well I am 24 at the moment, and I live with my fiance Mark, and have been doing so for the last 5 months. We have 2 cats after losing my beloved Minifat and Snowball to the road. We got Annie to keep Ebony company.

Update 3/11/03 – Mark and I now living in our second house together, with Ebony and Annie. We are getting married in 12 days!

Update 14/01/04 – We are so very very happily married and still living in our wonderful falling to pieces old house (renting of course)

Update 9/03/06 – Our divorce was finalised this morning. I am now happily, happily, happily together with him

Bro – 20 years old in Feb 2002. He is my rock usually, couldn’t get by without him. We have been living together for 2 years or more now. In love with Angus’ girl’s friend.

Update 11/04/03 – He’s 21 now and doing okay for himself at the moment although life tends to get him down a bit sometimes. He lives with Cat and a lady he met at the local train station, who I still haven’t met.

Update 3/11/03 – He lives alone now after Cat moved in with her bf and the toothless homeless druggo he picked up from the station to live with them vanished.

Update 09/03/06 – He lives with us, plays World of Warcraft 18 hours a day, and is still single.

Angus – 18 – Bro’s mate from the country, moved in with us late 2001, he is a good kid, my house bitch. He helps out an awful lot at home because he isn’t earning much money and cannot pay much rent. He has a girlfriend sort of who he is not being very nice to, we tell him off lots.

Update 11/4/03 – He left a long time ago, is about to become, or maybe already is, a father. Scary thought.

Nay – 19 – Angus’ “girl” we met her at a bar near my old place one night and she has been part of the group ever since. She came along with Jess and Shay.

Update 28/05/02 – Became bro’s love interest a while ago, but things didn’t work out. It is sad…

Update 11/4/03 – She recently got back from interstate, but I have only seen her once, she is and she isn’t the same old girl. She has changed in some ways, I hope it makes her less mean to my brother in the long run.

Jess – 19 – Bro’s love interest

Update 11/04/03 – Hasn’t been for a long time, they became too close as friends to want anything more, she is a doll. She is currently living in QLD with Shay but will be back soon

Update 14/01/04 – Has been back for a while, she is still the same old girl, but has grown up a bit. She took all the wedding photos for us and did a WONDERFUL job!!!

Shay – 19 – An absolute classic, she keeps me in hysterics whenever she comes over with the other girls

S – 23 – My best friend of 23 years, we have known each other since birth, we have nothing in common, but have stayed in contact all this time nonetheless. We see each other a lot more since I broke up with exbf.

Update 11/04/03 – She is moving to the other end of the country *wah*

Update 3/11/03 – She came back for a week and then moved to ANOTHER state!

Update 09/03/06 – We catch up regularly since she came back to this state about 2 years ago, we still have nothing in common.

Exbf – 23 – We met in high school and were inseperable ever since, until it became a nightmare and we eventually broke up. He currently has an 18 year old girlfriend.

Lisa – 18 – Exbf’s girlfriend

Update 11/4/03 – They broke up before Christmas as he was two-timing her

Update 09/03/06 – Is now happily married to Nat for the last 10 months, we talk semi-regularly.

Mandrake – 20 – A friend of my bro’s he became a good friend of mine late last year. I chat to him a lot on ICQ as he is still stuck up bush for the moment.

Gothboy – 20 – Another friend of bro’s who I got to know quite well over ICQ, he calls me now more often than bro.

Him – 20 – Oh where to start with this one. We have been an on and off thing for a while now, he says he really likes me, and well he keeps it up with me, but he is too young for commitment now I guess, and he has no job and no money and he lives 400km’s away. It will never be, but I still wish and hope some days.

Update 28/03/02 – We are friends now, he is happy for me with my new love, and he has a new love too. She chats to me on MSN and keeps me up to date on their lives.

Update 3/11/03 – We are still friends, he is single, he lives miles away, and I try not to think about him much.

update 09/03/06 – He moved back here about 20 months ago, we fell in love all over again and things were tough for a while, we are now really happy.

May – 23 – One of my best friends, again we have nothing in common, we have been friends since year 7. She has a prick of a boyfriend who the rest of us can’t stand, but we keep quiet. She is the “prude” of the bunch by default, we get our sex talk out of the way before she gets there. We play netball together once a week.

Anne – 23 – Just got engaged. Another friend from Year 7, she is a bit more like me in a lot of ways. We were both the new kids in town at the start of Year 7. Don’t see her nearly often enough.

Update 11/4/03 – See her way more these days, since being her bridesmaid back in February. She and her husband are wonderful people

Update 14/01/04 – She and her husband leave to go over seas in a few weeks, for such a long long time, I will miss them!!

Update 09/03/06 – They have been overseas since Feb 2004, I have only seen them 2 or 3 times since then, when they have come home for a week or so at a time. Missing them!

Liz – 24 – A floater, she has no idea what to do with her life, settle down, run away, or say fuck it all. She is great, the most like me from the Year 7 bunch. We catch up sporadically, she has a very busy life. Is currently dating a guy who is living in Singapore for a while. Been together for years.

Update 11/4/03 – She moved to Singapore a while ago, we don’t stay in contact much, she is too busy

Lana – 24 – Currently living in USA, she is a really good friend, the last of the Year 7 bunch. She should be back late March I think.

Update 28/05/02 – She is back from her O/S trip and heartbroken that Anne and I are getting married and May bought a house, and Liz moved to Singapore, and she feels left behind. Pffft she lived in US for a year LOL.

Update 11/4/03 – We chat on email every day and have gotten to be really really good friends recently

Update 09/03/06 – She went back overseas in 2004 and I haven’t seen her since, although we still email regularly to keep updated. She has a romantic interest in a turkish man with his own boat cruising company, she’s been living the high life!

Mel – 24 – Was a really good friend until she got settled down with kids and stopped leaving the house. We still catch up at netball once a week though.

Update 11/04/03 – She moved interstate (notice a pattern) and I haven’t heard from her once. Oh well.

Update 14/01/04 – We are back in contact, she and her feller are having another baby!!!!

Ruminating – 25 – Met her in the Todd & Milly chatroom in 2000 over a mutual “friend” we have been best buds ever since. She writes here too.

Update 11/04/03 – She is currently known as Musik, still one of my best friends.

Update 09/03/06 – I can’t wait for her to get back from the UK where she has been for 18 months or so!

Matthew – 22 – Met him in Yahoo! Metal chat about 4 months ago, we get along like a house on fire, I talk about him a fair bit.

Paul – 25 – Just met him on Soulmates, hopefully he will feature a lot more soon. Update 18/02/02 – He won’t be, he disappeared shortly after.

Mark – 27 – Also met recently on the net. We have chatted a fair bit, he is really nice, not sure if he is my type though. Looking forward to being friends with him though.

Update 18/02/02 – We are now an item, I like him more and more each time I speak to him, he makes me very happy, despite not being my “type”.

Update 12/03/02 – He loves to give me shit about not being my “type” but am very very much in love with him. This is happiest I have been a long long time, and things just keep getting better!

Update 28/05/02 – He asked me to marry him on Thursday (23/05/02), I guess you could say things are still pretty idyllic with us, and it seems to get better each day. I keep saying this don’t I? It is just so unbelievable, I guess I keep reiterating it to myself.. *grins stupidly*

That’ll do for now :)

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  1. It’s so cute that you are so happy with Mark! It gives me hope that should anything happen between me and Robin, I could survive after a long-term relationship went sour. Not saying that anything would happen, but it’s just good to know. *ceases rambling now*

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